WERS’ Live Mix Highlights with Belly, The Kooks, and more

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By Nicole Bae

Have you missed a concert of one of your favorite bands? Yearning for some raw vocals unavailable on the CD tracks? Look no further! Here's a list of some of our favorite artists who have played live right in our studio. Whether you prefer slower tunes or something a bit more up beat, enjoy the show put on by these fantastic artists from the comfort of your own device.


Belly, was formed in the 90s in Rhode Island. Though the alternative rock group had originally disbanded at the end of 1995, they regrouped in 2016.

Belly stopped by our studio last fall. Hear them play "Human Child" from their latest album, and jam out as they travel back to 1992 with "Feed the Tree.


Air Traffic Controller

This Bostonian indie pop band got their start in 2009. You can sense how Air Traffic Controller always feels at home at WERS, and it shows when they play. Here's "Doubt" off of their most recent album, Echo Papa.




Dispatch's music varies from the indie to roots genre. Though the group was originally active from 1996 to 2002, they were on hiatus for almost ten years until 2011.

From Dispatch's wildly successful album Location 12 is "Midnight Lorry." In this live performance, the band cheerily harmonizes throughout, beautifully singing: "Here come again the midnight Lorry / I think I might be moving along."

Jade Bird

Jade Bird is a British singer, songwriter and musician. When performing during our Live Music Week last fall, the artist effortlessly sang "Uh Huh," while sharing her favorite songs to tune into on the tour bus.



The Kooks

The Kooks is a British band, formed in Brighton in 2004. The indie band performed an acoustic rendition of "Down," though the catchy, up-beat vibe of the original track carried through. Watch frontman Luke Pritchard get lost in the groove and bop your head along with him. 




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