Our 75th Birthday Concert Series

Graphics by Sarah Tarlin
Graphics by Sarah Tarlin

We couldn’t be more excited about the series of concerts our 75th Birthday year has in store for us and our listeners. From local acts like Slothrust to a group that put on one of our most memorable Studio 889 Live Sessions, the lineup is stacked with talent. Read below to hear from our writing staff on what will make these live sets so memorable. Plus, check back here for updates on any other shows we add going forward…



8:00pm, Monday, March 18th

When they visited our station to do a live session in 2019, Bombay Bicycle Club proved themselves to have an admirable ‘the show must go on’ spirit… And we still haven’t gotten over the level of talent they displayed, either. The situation was this: When the band’s tour bus broke down in Toronto mid-tour, instead of postponing their Royale date and Studio 889 session, they made it to town to perform, with one catch: their instruments were still stuck up North. Making do with the instruments WERS had in our closet, they put on a stripped-down set that truly let their raw abilities shine. (Check the session out here for proof!)

Nearly five years later, the four-piece, London-formed group has only continued to expand their discography, with their fifth record My Big Day coming out in October 2023. Bombay Bicycle Club pulls in electronic, folk and rock elements. Plus, especially on their latest record, they even have some fun with horns. But genre descriptions barely do their catalog justice. To me, listening to their music evokes the feeling of meeting someone new that you instantly feel like you’ve known your whole life — there’s excitement and freshness, but also a wonderful sense of comfort. To see how their music makes you feel, though, you’ll have to see them for yourself. And luckily, you have the perfect chance: Bombay Bicycle Club is coming back to Royale on Sunday, March 18th!

- Nora Onanian, Web Services Coordinator



8:00pm, Sunday, April 7th

Following the release of their fourth album, The Art of Forgetting, indie-rocker Caroline Rose will be making their way to Boston’s Royale on April 7th. Rose, who has been releasing music for almost a decade, has made a name for themself with songs such as “Feel The Way I Want,” and “Jeannie Becomes A Mom,” which are only part of a complete discography that can’t be directly compared to anyone else’s, and is also difficult to put into words.

Rose’s music ranges from not only being wonderful auditorily, but also visually. The most recent album is a visual experience as well, with the short film The Art of Forgetting available on Rose's website and music videos of “Miami” and “Tell Me What You Want” free to watch on YouTube if you want the same unforgettable introduction I had to Rose. If the music alone wasn’t a reason to check out their show in April, surely these videos are more than enough to prove that this show will surely be “Better Than Gold.”

- Ella Mastroianni, Blog Assistant



8:00pm, Wednesday, April 17th

Not to be confused with the housing market, indie-rock outlet Real Estate is a band that has stayed true to the sound that came out of their initial formation, from 2008 to today. Jangly guitar riffs meet laid-back vocals on popular songs like “Darling” and “Talking Backwards,” ushering in a discography that feels easy to enjoy. Two of Real Estate’s founding members — Martin Courtney and Alex Bleeker — became friends at their Ridgewood, New Jersey middle school over their shared love for bands like Weezer, Built to Spill and Pavement. It wasn’t until several years later that they linked up to form Real Estate, but in listening to their self-titled, debut album, some of these earliest musical interests certainly come across as stylistic adjacents. Real Estate have come out with two new singles in the new year, proving that a new record — what would be their first since early 2020 — may be on the horizon. Their April show at Royale is bound to be an exciting one, with the potential to hear some yet-to-be-released songs as well as some older favorites!

- Nora Onanian, Web Services Coordinator



8:30pm, Saturday, May 4th

Local duo Slothrust know how to keep fans on their toes. And I Promise, their new album, does just that. Spanning a variety of genres and influences, most notably indie rock, alternative, 90s grunge, and emo, it’s obvious that founding members Leah Wellbaum and Will Gorin prioritize musical innovation. Also known for their noisy covers of hit songs, their most recent single “Pony” reinvents Ginuwine’s smooth R&B classic, flooding it with bold, grating guitars and Wellbaum’s invigorating vocals. (Read more of our thoughts on I Promise in Our Favorite Local Albums of 2023 write-up here!)

Come get rowdy with Slothrust at The Sinclair on May 4th! The only show where you can scream along to pop hits, like Britney Spears’s “Baby One More Time,” and hear grungy original songs from a rockin’ local duo. 

- Claire Dunham, Music Coordinator



7:00pm, Tuesday, May 7th

Following the release of her second album Mantras, set to be released in April, Katie Pruitt will be coming to Brighton Music Hall on May 7th. Pruitt, a country folk artist, makes music reminiscent of Brandi Carlile, with honest themes and soulful vocals. Pruitt’s music is infused with a unique identity including recurring threads such as her religious upbringing and queer identity. Listening to any one of her songs has the same qualities as watching a movie — take “Out of the Blue,” “Normal,” and “Wishful Thinking” — there is a story unraveling in each one.

Pruitt’s debut album, Expectations, just turned four years old, so I am more than ecstatic to listen to Mantras as soon as it comes out. The first two singles are already out and they capture the soft folky atmosphere that Katie Pruitt shines in — I have nothing but high “Expectations” for the album and this concert.

- Ella Mastroianni, Blog Assistant



7:00pm, Monday, May 20th

As fans gear up to see Echo and the Bunnymen perform at the House of Blues on Monday, they are all exclaiming one thing: Bring on the dancing horses! Or, at least bring on the song “Bring on the Dancing Horses” …this isn’t a Bad Bunny concert. Seriously, though, I don’t recommend passing up the opportunity to see the English rock band who are nearing fifty years together. Their chemistry on stage has only aged like a fine wine, and their songs have too— whether one of their greatest hits or a deep cut. This show is bound to be one you’re tempted to brag to your (current or future) grandkids about. 

- Nora Onanian, Web Services Coordinator



8:00pm, Thursday, May 30th

Respected independent record store and label Rough Trade named Nation of Language’s release Strange Disciple their album of the year for 2023. Out of all the releases from last year, it’s not hard to see why this record made so big of a splash; Nation of Language are carving out their own niche in the indie music scene. They bring a synthpop sound reminiscent of the ’80s into the present day, but with a darker edge that some characterize as post-punk. With this fusion of genres, it feels like the group could be nicknamed the ‘New Order of the new era.’ Lead singer Ian Richard Devaney’s vocals both reach a low register and an airy lightness, reminiscent of Ecuadorian artists Helado Negro. Devaney was previously the frontman of rock band the Static Jacks, who went on indefinite hiatus from 2013 on. Strange Disciple was the third full length record for the Brooklyn-formed Nation of Language. The group — made up of Devaney, his partner Aidan Noell and bassist Alex McKay, who just joined the lineup in 2022 — have been releasing music since 2016. “Surely I Can’t Wait” to see their 2023 album performed live when they come to Royale in Boston this spring. 

- Nora Onanian, Web Services Coordinator



7:30pm, Friday, May 31st

Last year, Delhi, India-based artist Prateek Kuhad stopped by Studio 889 to deliver a bone-chilling, all-acoustic set. While his show at Royale will certainly feature some songs that are just as sweet-sounding, you can expect some with more of a built-up sound, too, to really get you moving. Kuhad’s brand new single “Just Like A Movie” is a cross between the two, even— he sings about the feeling of falling in love and the risks that might come with it over upbeat instrumentals. When he was signed to major U.S. record label Elektra Records in 2020, Prateek Kuhad, who lived in the U.S. while attending NYU, became the first Indian artist on the label. He is breaking ground and only getting bigger, so jump at your chance to see Prateek Kuhad live at the Royale next Friday night!

- Nora Onanian, Web Services Coordinator



7:30pm, Monday, June 10th with Samia

Looking for something to do to ring in the summertime? Coming to Boston this upcoming Monday is New Jersey’s finest band, Bleachers. They’re back after playing Boston Calling in  2023! Touring for their self-titled recent release, Bleachers, the band is going to set MGM Music Hall at Fenway on fire with the support of Samia. The band that brought great hits like “Rollercoaster” and featured on Lana Del Ray’s “Margaret” is always a treat to see live. Make some “Tiny Moves” into big moves and get your ticket to see them at their very best! 

- Ren Gibson, Staff Writer



8:00pm, August 11th with Rosali

American singer-songwriter Iron & Wine is taking over Brighton’s Roadrunner August 11th with his beautiful folk ballads. The one-man act comprised of Sam Beam has been releasing acoustic melodies since the early 2000s, and his recent collaboration with another indie icon, Fiona Apple, on “All in Good Time” has been rotating here at WERS! From his hit track “Flightless Bird, American Mouth” to his cover of the Postal Service’s “Such Great Heights” that was used in Zach Braff’s 2004 film Garden State, Iron & Wine is a class act that is sure not to be missed. 

- Sofia Giarrusso, Staff Writer



8:00pm, August 11th With Automatic 

The Marías are coming to town this August! Promoting their new album Submarine, this indie-pop band is coming all the way from California and stopping at MGM Music Hall at Fenway for one night only. From what we’ve heard already, Submarine is fun, fresh and everything fans love about the Marías. From catchy lyrics and funky melodies, this show is sure to leave you wanting more. The Marías will be joined by Automatic, a rock band from Los Angeles. The band describes their most recent album, Excess, as 70s and 80s fusion. The album has deep riddled themes and aims to question the culture they take a part of. Be sure to give these albums a listen and you’ll know that this is a show you won’t want to miss out on. You will surely “Run your Mouth” to all your friends about how good this show was! 

- Avieana Rivera, Staff Writer



8:00 pm, Tuesday, September 24

This British rock band is traveling all around the world this year and stopping right here in Boston for one night, and one night only. IDLES is playing in Portugal, Switzerland, Mexico, The Netherlands, Canada, the UK, and luckily for us, the Roadrunner. In their new album, Tangk, the band reimagines love and fosters a new, yet familiar sound that anyone is sure to connect with. With two of the band members having become fathers since the band’s last album, Tangk takes a new view on life. IDLES is unapologetic, compelling, and new-and-improved. This is a tour for the ages, and certainly one that you won’t want to miss! 

- Avieana Rivera, Staff Writer



7:00pm, November 10th With Free Range 

Everyone’s favorite indie band is coming to Boston this November! Ok, maybe just mine. 

Either way, Slow Pulp will be playing Paradise Rock Club on November 10th. They will be joined by another Chicago indie artist, Free Range. Free range released her debut album Practice in February of 2023, which was very well received from both fans and critics. Together, these two artists are sure to deliver a great show. Slow Pulp’s most recent album, Yard, is an indie lover’s dream. Together, the members of Slow Pulp are able to harness a sound that shines through in all of their music. On their sophomore album, they have perfected it. Their music is just too good not to hear live at least once in your life. If you take any of my advice, let it be this: Do not miss this show! 

- Avieana Rivera, Staff Writer

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