Live Mix Recap: Yeasayer

Photography by Risa Tapanes

By Risa Tapanes

This past Thursday, Brooklyn-based experimental trio Yeasayer dropped by the WERS studio for a live session.

Casually crafting new melodies and singing Elton John classics, Chris Keating, Ira Tuton, Anand Wilder, and touring drummer Noah Hecht lightened up what was a dark, rainy afternoon.

Before their show at the Paradise Rock Club later that night, Yeasayer played three stripped-down songs off their latest album Erotic Reruns, which was self-released under Yeasayer Records.

"I'll Kiss You Tonight," "Ecstatic Baby," and "Let Me Listen In On You" translated beautifully to an acoustic session, proving the band's versatility and range.  

Reflecting on their long career as a band thus far, they joked an alternative name of the album could be "15 Years of Fun" - and their fun was definitely prevalent, as the four guys couldn't help but smile and laugh along with afternoon host Phil Jones.


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