Wicked Local Wednesday

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Every Wednesday Evening at 9 PM

How do local bands in Boston become known if no radio stations will take a chance on them? The answer is easy…WERS does! We devote a block of programming each week to Boston-area artists you'll hear nowhere else. Whether it's an in-studio recording from our Live Mix studio, or songs sent to us at wickedlocal@wers.org, you'll hear music from bands that are looking to share their music with the world. Join us in supporting Boston artists every week with "Wicked Local Wednesday" at 9PM, exclusively from 88.9 WERS.

Want to hear your band on the radio? Email an MP3 to wickedlocal@wers.org.

This is ONLY for artists/bands local to the Boston area. If you are or are representing an artist/band from elsewhere, please fill out our music submission form.

Raavi and the Houseplants session is a great example of the talent we showcase every week on Wicked Local!

Recently heard on Wicked Local Wednesday: