A collage illustration made to look like a forest green patch of fabric with white stitched embroidery of flowers and lettering, which reads:
Album Review :: July 18, 2024

Album Review: Clairo “Charm”

"Clairo’s third time releasing an album is most certainly the Charm. Consisting of 11 songs, Charm is a bit sensual, a bit soft, and ultimately a perfect fit for the summer season..."
An illustration of a vinyl record covered in its protective paper. A bear and half blue, half red ring is in the center. And on the paper is black lettering that reads
Discover WERS :: July 15, 2024

Pick of the Week: Eddie Vedder “Save it for Later”

"Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder’s cover of 'Save It For Later' is a perfect rendition of a classic ’80s hit..."
Large, bolded, white and black text reads
Discover WERS :: July 14, 2024

Check Out Our New Online Store!

"We’ve got a cool new way for you to support the music and programs here at WERS: now announcing The WERS 88.9 Online Store!..."
Graphic of a calendar with a blue background with text that reads:
Discover WERS :: July 13, 2024

Uncommon Concert Calendar: July 12-19

"Here at ‘ERS, we love live music! That’s why we created the Uncommon Concert Calendar — your guide to the best concerts in Boston..."
A postcard style illustration of sailboats in the ocean, with a mostly seafoam green, light yellow, and orange color palette. In orange letters reads:
Discover WERS :: July 12, 2024

Guide To Free Outdoor Concerts | Summer 2024

"Summer in New England can come with highs and lows, but being out in nature, feeling the presence of community and enjoying local arts and culture can make even the days with the thickest humidity feel worthwhile..."
An illustration of a sphere of crinkled, silver-colored metal, with a black background. Over the sphere is white text that reads:
Discover WERS :: July 8, 2024

Pick of the Week: Justice and Tame Impala “Neverender”

"French-electronica duo Justice is back with an exciting collaboration with Tame Impala, 'Neverender!' The all-around earworm is perfectly curated for your summer soundtrack..."
An illustration of a bedroom scene. Red bed sheets hover over a brown floor. Various objects are under and top of the bed. There is a sock, a ball of yarn and a snail, diary, scarf, etc. In white and light purple text are the words:
Album Review :: July 6, 2024

Album Review: Frances Forever “Lockjaw”

"Frances Forever, an artist from the Boston area, piqued the interest of the whole world (and galaxy) with their 2020 single 'space girl.' The sweet and silly song captured the hearts of not only the queer community..."
An ombre rainbow banner with white music notes and large white text that reads:
75th Birthday :: July 3, 2024

75 Artists of Pride: Your List!

"WERS’ 75th birthday year continues, with this past calendar month also happening to be Pride Month! All June long..."
A light grey background with white text reading:
Discover WERS :: July 2, 2024

Pick of the Week: The Japanese House “:)”

"The softness of the Japanese House’s new single, ':),' is exactly what indie-pop radio needs right now as summer is in full force..."
An illustrated collage with a black background and rainbows in the top left and bottom right corners. A stylized photograph of Diana Ross, with a photograph of Chappell Roan behind her. Large white text spans from top to bottom around the images, reading:
Discover WERS :: July 1, 2024

“I’m Coming Out”: The Rise of the Queer Pop Anthem

"With the recent outbreak of gay pop taking the music industry by storm, artists like Chappell Roan and MUNA are making names for themselves by bringing their pride into their music..."
An illustration with a pink background with white music notes and a rainbow banner. Overlayed in yellow and white text are the words:
Discover WERS :: July 1, 2024

Deep Dive: Queer Radio History

"Through history’s highs and lows, queer radio—though little reported on—has remained pivotal to the advancement of the LGBTQ+ community..."
Graphic of a calendar with a red background with text that reads:
Discover WERS :: June 28, 2024

Uncommon Concert Calendar: June 28-July 5

"Here at ‘ERS, we love live music! That’s why we created the Uncommon Concert Calendar — your guide to the best concerts in Boston..."

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