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Father John Misty remains critical of himself in God’s Favorite Customer

– By Owen Murray – Folk singer-songwriter Josh Tillman is better known by his stage name Father John Misty. He released his most self involved,… Read More

Songs for 4:30 p.m. Sunsets

“The sun is now setting at a sinister time, and many people are longing for a bit more light during the dark hours of the day…”

Album Review: Sufjan Stevens “Javelin”

“On October 6th, the multi-genre talent of Sufjan Stevens made a dazzling return to the singer-songwriter genre…”

Playlist: New Discoveries 5/2

Discover new songs with our ‘ERS music team! This week we’re bringing you the latest music from Lana Del Rey, Teezo Touchdown, Manchester Orchestra, Steve Lacy, and Blondshell.

Album Review: Lana Del Rey “Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd”

“Lana Del Rey’s latest album requires your full attention and nothing less…”

Interview: A Whirlwind Year for Suki Waterhouse

Suki Waterhouse brought her Coolest Place in the World tour to Paradise Rock Club in Boston for a sold-out show. She treated the audience to a performance of her new single “To Love.” Ahead of the show, Waterhouse sat down with our Music Coordinator, Breanna Nesbeth, for an interview.

Playlist: New Discoveries 3/14

“Jump out of bed, slip on some tennis shoes, and brace the day by listening to Barrie’s song ‘Races.’ Barrie’s new music is like my morning cup of coffee, and ‘Races’ is a perfectly balanced brew…”

Playlist: New Discoveries 3/29

Graphics by Ainsley Basic CAAMP – “BELIEVE” Starting with the crisp snap of a can opening, Caamp bursts into their warm, optimistic new song “Believe.”… Read More

Upcoming 2022 Releases We’re Excited For

Graphics by Ainsley Basic Last month we took you through the amazing year of music we had in 2021 with our year in review article… Read More

Samia Strips Back Delusions On Her New EP “Scout”

Photo courtesy of Sophia Matinizad New York City-based indie artist Samia just released her latest EP Scout. The four-song collection is the follow-up to her debut album The Baby,… Read More

WERS Top 88 Songs of 2017

We got through 2017 with the help of music, and luckily there was a lot of new music. With the help from your votes, we’ve… Read More

WERS Reacts to the Grammy Nominations

What WERS Artists are up for nomination? Alternative Album Arcade Fire, LCD Soundsystem, Father John Misty, The National Album of the Year Lorde Pop Duo/Group… Read More