DISPATCH in the Studio

Ahead of their new album America: Location 12, DISPATCH dropped by the WERS studio to play “Midnight Lorry”, “Painted Yellow Lines”, and “Only the Wild Ones”. The much beloved Boston band was without bassist Pete Heimbold that day, but Phil got a chance to chat with Chad Urmston and Brad Corrigan in between songs.

Phil: So that first song you played was called “Midnight Lorry”. Can you tell me, what’s the Midnight Lorry bringing? Or where are you meeting it?

Chad Urmston: It’s like you’re hitchhiking and you fall asleep and in your dreams, you’re picked up by this magic bus, and you’re not sure if it’s real or not.

Phil: Well I’m glad to be along for the ride. Now, can you tell us a little about the title of the record, America: Location 12?

Brad Corrigan: Uh….nah we’re not allowed to talk about it.
Chad: *shakes head*
Brad: Yeah it’s top top secret.
Phil: Is this a puzzle?
Chad: Yeah, it’s a riddle.
Brad: Or a scavenging adventure.
Chad: We may be able to…
Brad: *cutting off Chad* We’ll see you there.
Phil: When we get to location 12, we’ll know it?
DISPATCH: Definitely.

Phil: I’m gonna puzzle that out. I was also curious…it’s nearly your 20 year anniversary as a band, and five years since your last record. At this stage in your career, what’s your barometer for when it’s time to make an album?

Brad: You know when you have a well that is completely full, and you also know when you’ve got a well that’s pretty empty. For years I think each of us was storing up tunes, and storing up influences and ideas. America: Location 12 is a start but we have a lot of stuff. It feels like a new season. We have a lot more to write and a lot more to record.
Chad: I suppose we should let this out first.

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