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Discover WERS :: April 10, 2017

Thank You!

Thank you again for your support of WERS. We value our place in the Greater Boston community and know you do too. Should you have... Read More
Discover WERS :: April 7, 2017

Always wanted to check out Iceland? We’ve got your shot!

Feel like you need an escape? Grab your shot at a vacation package to the “coolest” paradise on Earth by donating to WERS today! All... Read More
Discover WERS :: April 6, 2017

#ThrowbackThursday, Live Music Week Style

All day long, we’re celebrating the past in an effort to secure our future here at 88.9 WERS! What exactly does that mean? It means... Read More
Discover WERS :: April 5, 2017

9 Songs to Discover – Live Music Week Edition!

Love the in-studio performances we’ve been featuring here on 88-9 this Live Music Week and want to discover more? Well then, this is just for... Read More
Discover WERS :: April 4, 2017

Escape to San Francisco and Sonoma!

Everyone deserves a mini-vacation to California – but not everyone can afford it… Good thing WERS has your back! This Live Music Week, we’re sending... Read More
Discover WERS :: April 2, 2017

Special Live Music Week News from Chagigah

Your support of Chagigah is critical – it keeps the music and culture of the Jewish heritage very  much alive on the Boston airwaves, and... Read More
Discover WERS :: April 1, 2017

Top Five Bands To Discover This April First

Have you ever listened to the radio and heard an absolute gem of a band and thought, “Why is nobody talking about them?” Of course... Read More
Discover WERS :: April 1, 2017

Special Playground Prizes this Live Music Week!

Live Music Week kicks off with The Playground on Saturday, April 1st at 8AM so we just had to make sure we gave away some... Read More
Discover WERS :: March 31, 2017

30 Live Bands in 9 Days?!

George Knight kicks Live Music Week into high gear bright and early Monday morning at 6AM, and we’ve given him plenty of fun prizes to... Read More
Discover WERS :: March 31, 2017

So Many Bands, So Little Time!

It’s Live Music Week! which means we’re getting ready to welcome more than 30 bands into the WERS studios for very special live performances just... Read More
Discover WERS :: March 31, 2017

WERS Discovers: Foxygen

By Tim Jordan If you were in attendance Saturday at the Paradise Rock Club, there’s a possibility  your neck is still sore and your ears... Read More