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Last summer, a bunch of us at the station sat down and thought about how we could really bring UnCommon Radio out of the studio and into the community. What would that sound like? What would listeners like you find most interesting? Where would we start?

We threw around a bunch of ideas, but the one we kept coming back to was our unique position as a listener-supported public radio station to make music accessible to all. Not just industry-insiders, not just people who can afford expensive concert tickets, but music lovers everywhere. 

So we decided to do something bold, something that would require really going out on a limb. We decided to throw a completely free music festival featuring Bleachers. 

Pretty crazy, huh? We think so, too… Maybe even crazy enough to work.


A Wicked Good Festival is completely and totally free to attend, but it is by no means free to produce. There are a ton of costs that we need to cover, and that's where you come in.

Rather than charge hundreds of dollars for tickets, we're asking that instead you take ownership of the festival in a way that makes sense for you by making a donation.

Contributions of any size help fund the festival, but make a gift of $100 or more, and we'll send you a limited-edition Wicked Good Festival t-shirt.

If you believe that music should be accessible to all, if you believe that local artists should be celebrated, and if you think that public radio can and should be woven into the fabric of our community:


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