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Boston Calling 2018 :: May 15, 2018

Smaller Artists Not to Miss at Boston Calling

Boston Calling Smaller Artists Graphic by Bobby Nicholas - By Owen Murray - Boston Calling is always an exciting event for Boston music and this... Read More
Discover WERS :: May 11, 2018

Not Quite Indie, Not Quite Rock – Dr. Dog at the House of Blues

Written and Photographed By Lukas Markou  There's no style to the audience. A couple tye dye shirts, a lot of forward facing baseball caps, some... Read More
Discover WERS :: May 10, 2018

lovelytheband Is Anything But “Broken”

Lovelytheband Graphic by Nicole Bae - By Andrea Williams - Mitchy Collins, Jordan Greenwald, and Sam Price of Lovelytheband met after a night of fun... Read More
Discover WERS :: May 4, 2018

Calexico Rocks The Sinclair with an Accordion

- Written and Photographed by Jacob Cutler - The large ensemble of Calexico emerged onto the stage of a sold out Sinclair. There wasn't a... Read More
Album Review :: May 3, 2018

10 Years Later, Coldplay’s Viva La Vida Remains the Weird Highlight of One of the World’s Biggest Bands

- By Sam Reynolds - Coldplay has never been "the best band". They've never tampered with the artistic range or bold experimental instincts of Radiohead.... Read More
Artist Interviews :: April 25, 2018

Mariami on Writing, Home, and Self-care: Secret Spotlight

- By Gabe Allanoff - Mariami fuses urban soul, modern RnB, and Indo-European melody to create empowering music that comes straight from the heart. Her lyrics... Read More
Album Review :: April 24, 2018

The Decemberists Know Folk Rock, And ‘I’ll Be Your Girl’ Is No Exception

– By Gabe Straight –  Anyone who knows folk rock knows The Decemberists. Arguably the most iconic group in the genre. The Portland ensemble has... Read More
Artist Profile :: April 19, 2018

After Years of Being a Rocker, Jack White Has Added Diversity to His Sound

Jack White’s Career Graphic by Bobby Nicholas – By Owen Murray – Jack White is one of the most influential songwriters and guitar players of... Read More
Discover WERS :: April 9, 2018

Happy (T-Shirt) Tuesday!

WERS brings you the best music, day in and day out, commercial free. Whether it's alternative or indie, brand new or a vintage favorite - if it rocks,... Read More
Album Review :: April 5, 2018

Divided by Country, United by Memes: Superorganism

Superorganism Artwork by Cooper Yeager – By Simon Luedtke – The London based sloppy-synth-indie-pop-rock-who-knows-what band Superorganism has made quite a splash with their debut album.... Read More
Discover WERS :: March 30, 2018

Live Music Week Spring 2018

Here at WERS, our mission is to bring you the best music, day in and day out, commercial free.  Whether it's alternative or indie, brand... Read More
Album Review :: March 30, 2018

BØRNS’ Blue Madonna Will Be “In Your Head Now”

BØRNS Album Review - Photo by Jacob Cutler - By Mica Kendall - Three years in the making, the stakes were high for BØRNS' sophomore... Read More

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