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Album Review :: April 10, 2024

Album Review: Lizzy McAlpine “Older”

"Older, for Lizzy McAlpine, is an evolution. Her growth — both personally and professionally — has manifested itself into a brand new matured, and more confident sound..."
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Album Review :: March 26, 2024

Album Review: Adrianne Lenker “Bright Future”

"In her fifth album, 'Bright Future,' Adrianne Lenker introduces her audience to new instruments and a twangier sound, a step away from her typical indie-folk style..."
A pixelated drawing of two cows in a grassy field with blue skies behind them. Text above reads: What Happened to the Beach? Declan McKenna album review
Album Review :: February 20, 2024

Album Review: Declan McKenna “What Happened to the Beach?”

"Three years after the release of his sophomore album Zeros, Declan McKenna returns with an album that sets itself apart from the rest of his discography..."
Our Favorite Local Albums of 2023, Boston, Boston Music, Boston Musician, WERS 88.9 FM
Album Review :: December 22, 2023

Our Favorite Local Albums of 2023

"Boston’s music scene is one worth celebrating. That’s why our writing staff is excited to take you through 15 of our favorite..."
Album Review, Sufjan Stevens, Javelin, Javelin album review, WERS 88.9
Album Review :: October 11, 2023

Album Review: Sufjan Stevens “Javelin”

"On October 6th, the multi-genre talent of Sufjan Stevens made a dazzling return to the singer-songwriter genre..."
Mitski, The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We, Album Review, WERS 88.9 FM, Boston, Radio
Album Review :: September 18, 2023

Album Review: Mitski “The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We”

"The heavens have long been a point of interest for singer-songwriter Mitski Miyawaki (known, by most, as just Mitski).."
Album Review :: July 26, 2023

Album Review: “Barbie: The Album”

"'Barbie: The Album' is sure to find its way into your summer playlist—you won't be able to resist its shiny pink exterior and its heartfelt interior..."
Album Review :: June 27, 2023

Pride Month Album Review: The Japanese House “In the End It Always Does”

"It’s Pride Month! To celebrate, our music staff is reviewing new albums from LGBTQ+ musicians..."
Album Review :: June 23, 2023

Pride Month Album Review: Arlo Parks “My Soft Machine”

"It’s Pride Month! To celebrate, our music staff is reviewing new albums from LGBTQ+ musicians. This week we are taking a deep dive into “My Soft Machine,” the sophomore album from alternative singer-songwriter Arlo Parks..."
Album Review, Boygenius, The Record, WERS 88.9FM, Music Review, Boston
Album Review :: April 3, 2023

Album Review: Boygenius “The Record”

"All feels right in the world when Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus come together..."
Album Review, Lana Del Rey, Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd, WERS 88.9, Boston
Album Review :: March 26, 2023

Album Review: Lana Del Rey “Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd”

"Lana Del Rey’s latest album requires your full attention and nothing less..."
Album Review :: December 26, 2022

Our Favorite Local Albums of 2022

Graphics by Monika Krueger In July, we covered Our Favorite Local albums of 2022 So Far and now, 5 months later, we’re continuing on the... Read More

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