Pick of the Week

A black ink illustration of a cowgirl with a gun and cacti. Black font reads:
Discover WERS :: June 11, 2024

Pick of the Week: Ok Cowgirl “Little Splinters”

"'Sometimes vulnerability just looks like trash![' Ok Cowgirl’s Leah Lavigne sings at a dramatic break in instrumentation during the band’s new single, 'Little Splinters'..."
A photograph of Claire Cottrill, better known as Clairo, strumming a white electric guitar. The top third of the background has the three horizontal stripes of the bisexual pride flag (pink, purple, blue) with text that reads
Discover WERS :: June 4, 2024

Pick of the Week: Clairo “Sexy to Someone”

"In her newest single, “Sexy to Someone,” indie darling and Massachusetts native Clairo proves that the third time really is the charm..."
An illustration of a brown paper bag labeled
Discover WERS :: May 28, 2024

Pick of the Week: Billie Eilish “LUNCH”

"Ever since the release of her 2017 EP Don’t Smile At Me, singer, songwriter and producer Billie Eilish has proved time and time again that she is worthy of her exponential rise to international stardom..."
Light blue background with swatches of jean fabric in the corners and red text in the center that reads
Discover WERS :: May 22, 2024

Pick of the Week: Waxahatchee “Bored”

"Waxahatchee’s Katie Crutchfield has never been one to shy away from singing about the unglamorous. From her 2012 debut album onwards..."
A black background with a large, orange carnation and three-dimensional white text that reads:
Discover WERS :: May 13, 2024

Pick of the Week: St. Vincent “Big Time Nothing”

"All Born Screaming, St. Vincent’s seventh studio album, uncovers the darkest corners of the musician’s psyche. With every song..."
Graphics of a wind-up ballerina box, on a brown wooden table, with a pink wall behind. Grey text reads
Discover WERS :: May 6, 2024

Pick of the Week: Rainbow Kitten Surprise “Superstar”

"Between their triumphant return to music some six years since their last album as well as an apparent rebrand, Rainbow Kitten Surprise have recently lived up to the surprise portion of their name..."
A black and white photograph of Alisa Amador in the lower right corner, overlayed on a green background. White text reads:
Discover WERS :: April 24, 2024

Pick of the Week: Alisa Amador “I Need To Believe”

"The world has been waiting for Alisa Amador’s next move, and 'I Need To Believe' is everything we could have hoped for, from its rockish undercurrent to its uplifting mantra..."
Graphics with a blue TV static design background, blue-hued slightly parted lips, and white text that says
Discover WERS :: April 16, 2024

Pick of The Week: The Marίas “Run Your Mouth”

"The Marίas are back and better than ever with their new single 'Run Your Mouth.' The song comes along with the announcement of their sophomore album 'Submarine'..."
A gradient background of purple, pink and blue, with large black text that reads
Discover WERS :: April 8, 2024

Pick of the Week: Gary Clark Jr. and Stevie Wonder “What About the Children”

"Old-school meets new-school on this bluesy track that exemplifies the heart of melodious kinship. 'What About the Children' is a zealous call to action in its own right..."
Graphics that look like a grey backround white a stripe of ripped white paper overlayed in the middle. In the white part, there are dandelions in every stage of their lifecycle. Light grey text reads: Wild God, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. A light blue guitar pick in the bottom right corner reads:
Discover WERS :: April 2, 2024

Pick of the Week: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds “Wild God”

"Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds’ most recent song, “Wild God,” plays with mythical and biblical imagery. Cave sings about a lost, wild god in search of what everyone else is looking for..."
A graphic of a white circle with a red cardinal on a tree branch within the circle. The background outside the circle is green with text that says
Discover WERS :: March 25, 2024

Pick of the Week: Kacey Musgraves “Cardinal”

"On her stunningly fresh sixth album, Kacey Musgraves rekindles her connection with the natural world. 'Deeper Well' intertwines themes of loss, beauty and balance..."
Graphics with a black border and bright pink background with text that reads
Discover WERS :: March 11, 2024

Pick of the Week: Lake Street Dive “Good Together”

"Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, Lake Street Dive delivers a soulful and captivating track with their latest release 'Good Together' ..."

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