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Discover WERS :: October 17, 2023

Pick of the Week: Claud “A Good Thing”

"Everyone’s favorite 5-foot-tall artist is back! Claud Mintz, the 24-year-old singer-songwriter better known just as Claud, released their sophomore album Supermodels on July 14th, 2023 with Saddest Factory Records..."
Pick of the Week, Moby, J.P. Bimeni,
Discover WERS :: October 9, 2023

Pick of the Week: Moby and J.P. Bimeni “Should Sleep”

"'Should Sleep' from electronic music pioneer Moby is a love letter to New York’s underground dance music scene of the ’80s..."
Discover WERS :: August 14, 2023

Pick of the Week: Mitski “Bug Like an Angel”

"There are also songs you can’t stop listening to. These are the songs that you remember hearing for the first time; they are the songs that stick with you. 'Bug Like an Angel,' the lead single from Mitski’s upcoming album 'The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We,' is one of those songs..."
POTW - The Alcott (Blog)
Discover WERS :: May 9, 2023

Pick of the Week: The National ft. Taylor Swift “The Alcott”

"The record is a somber exploration of the band’s inner psyche inspired by Mary Shelley’s 1818 novel 'Frankenstein.' Ultimately, this mesmerizingly mellow mood is best encapsulated in one track: 'The Alcott'..."
Discover WERS :: May 2, 2023

Pick of the Week: Foo Fighters “Rescued”

“'Rescued' is classic Foo Fighters, with its high-energy rock sound and introspective lyrics. It’s a great example of what Foo Fighters does best: deliver powerful rock songs with plenty of heart and soul..."
POTW: Natalie Merchant
Discover WERS :: April 17, 2023

Pick of the Week: Natalie Merchant “Tower of Babel”

"The message of 'Tower of Babel' is clear and poignant. Merchant laments our current social climate—one of intense division..."
POTW: Momma
Discover WERS :: April 10, 2023

Pick of the Week: Momma “Bang Bang”

"'Bang Bang' is Momma’s first new song since 'Household Name.' It is a fiery track that reestablishes the band as a standout in the modern rock scene..."
Pick of the Week: Lose You - Bully (blog 1)
Discover WERS :: April 3, 2023

Pick of the Week: Bully ft. Soccer Mommy “Lose You”

“Lose you” is a combination of guitar riffs, pop hooks, and a nostalgic beat that places it in a 2000s coming-of-age movie...
Discover WERS :: March 27, 2023

Pick of the Week: Tame Impala “Wings of Time”

"Indie psychedelic superstar Tame Impala, known for his trippy, mellow sound, performs with an unexpected and spirited determination on 'Wings of Time'"...
Pick of the Week: Yves Tumor
Discover WERS :: March 17, 2023

Pick of the Week: Yves Tumor “Echolalia”

"They’re back! Subversive, alternative rockstar Yves Tumor shared the track 'Echolalia' to announce their forthcoming album..."
Discover WERS :: March 12, 2023

Pick of the Week: Paramore “Running Out of Time”

"American rock band Paramore is back with their triumphant sixth album 'This is Why.' This is their first in nearly six years..."
WERS 88.9FM Pick of the Week - Caroline Polacheck - Welcome to My Island
Discover WERS :: March 6, 2023

Pick of The Week: Caroline Polacheck “Welcome to My Island”

“Welcome To My Island,” the first track of Caroline Polachek's new album, is a triumphant start to the “So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings” singer’s most recent release since 2019’s Pang.

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