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WERS Companion Guides: Ultimate Musical Theater Jams

Graphics by Nicole Bae Check out our previous WERS Companion Guides here! One of the most beloved programs here on 88.9 is Standing Room Only… Read More

WERS Companion Guides: Wicked Local Edition

Graphics by Nicole Bae WERS is proud to present our second annual 617 Day, an all-day celebration of local music, local business, and local radio, taking place… Read More

Guster rocks the House of Blues after new album release

Photography by Cameron Carleton By Samantha Woolf “WE NEVER CANCEL SHOWS!” lead singer of Guster, Ryan Miller, shouted before he introduced a song. They were… Read More

Around the World in Eight Songs

By Samantha Woolf Imagine dropping all responsibilities, booking a plane ticket, and flying to somewhere far away. Unfortunately, a giant tour around the world doesn’t… Read More

Gregory Alan Isakov Focuses on the Music at Royale

Photography by Cameron Carleton By Samantha Woolf I knew this was going to be a great show when the lady at the coat check told… Read More

Leisure comes back to Emerson for Wicked Local Wednesday

By Samantha Woolf Leisure, an Emerson alum and a singer-songwriter, stopped by for WERS’s “Wicked Local Wednesday” special to perform some of his music. Among… Read More

Chill Fall Vibes Playlist

By Samantha Woolf We’re knee-deep in New England autumn weather here in Boston! This means it’s time for fuzzy blankets, beanies, apple picking, and other… Read More

The Workout Playlist to Rock the Gym

Workout Playlist Neon Sign Design by Nic Sugure By Samantha Woolf Listening to an awesome workout playlist can make a tough gym session really enjoyable!… Read More

The Morning Playlist to Wake Up Dancing

By Samantha Woolf Let’s face it, no matter how much of a morning person you are, there are always times when you have an early… Read More

CHVRCHES’ ‘Love Is Dead:’ Dealing With Thrill and Regret

CHVCHES Album Review Graphic by Bobby Nicholas – By Samantha Woolf – Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, CHVRCHES is known for their commanding music that captivates… Read More

Middle Kids’ Lost Friends – an Album for a Perfect Summer Road Trip

– By Samantha Woolf – In their debut album, Lost Friends, Middle Kids delivers with songs perfectly tailored for a summer road trip. Middle Kids… Read More

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