The Workout Playlist to Rock the Gym

Workout Playlist Neon Sign Design by Nic Sugure
Workout Playlist Neon Sign Design by Nic Sugure

By Samantha Woolf

Listening to an awesome workout playlist can make a tough gym session really enjoyable! It's time to incorporate some new music into your routine. These songs are sure to boost your endurance and have you feeling your best at the gym.

"Run" by COIN

The guitar strum patterns in "Run" propel this song forward, never letting the beat lag. COIN's infectiously catchy song is perfect for heading to the track or taking on the treadmill. The elements of singing, percussion, guitar, and synth are very balanced. No single aspect outshines the others. Lead singer, Chase Lawrence, infuses infectious energy in his vocals - certain to push listeners through to finishing that last mile.

"Wake Up" by Loud Forest

This husband-and-wife duo offer their singing voices to this upbeat anthem. Loud Forest creates a whirlwind effect by phasing out the background music and then launching tons of instruments at the chorus. So much energy is generated within this one song. "Wake Up" will get you up on your feet and ready for your early morning gym sessions!

"Power" by Bastille

This is a fantastic song to keep up your gym momentum. The lyrics describe being able to handle any kind of pain thrown at you and wanting to take back the power of your life. Perfect gym mantra, right? With metallic-sounding guitar and emotionally-charged singing, this song has a unique style that's certainly worth the listen.

"Howlin' For You" by The Black Keys

Right from the start, the steady drum beats lock in the pace in this song by The Black Keys. This unwavering rhythm is great for timing push ups or crunches in the gym. Listeners can admire the simplicity of the song and then focus on the raw musical elements. Without any digital instruments in the background, "Howlin' For You" is stripped down so each sound is purposeful and meaningful.  

"I Wanna Get Better" by Bleachers

Going to the gym is for feeling better about yourself. While hearing Jack Antonoff repeating the words "I Wanna Get Better" so many times you'll feel inspired musically and in your workout! It's a very lyric-driven song, where Bleachers tells stories about the drive to improve after bad situations. Also, with fast-paced background influences including piano, drums, and vocal and sound effects, there is always an interesting musical pattern to focus on and enjoy.

Bleachers headlined at our Wicked Good Festival this past summer! Read the review here.

"I'm Still Standing" by Elton John

Since this pop-rock classic has so much charm, it'll make you forget the painful parts of your workout routine. Instead, you'll be tapping your toes to the funky bass line in between sets. The backing vocals compliment Elton John's voice and highlight the important portions of the song. The real star of the show, instrumentally, is the piano. As such a talented pianist, Elton John really knows how to make it shine.

"Beat 54 (All Good Now)" by Jungle

Rather than fade into the background, the bass guitar holds so much power in this song. "Beat 54 (All Good Now)" gives off laid-back vibes, which might be exactly what you need in your workout playlist. It will remind you to breathe through your reps and rest in between sets! Jungle is a modern soul collective that has offers a new perspective on a popular music genre. The addition of this song on your workout playlist will shake things up in the best way possible.

"Give Me A Try" by The Wombats

The Wombats deliver with high energy and positivity in "Give Me A Try." Listeners will love when building synth chords transport them into the music at the chorus. Then drums take center stage in the verses, catapulting the beat forward. This upbeat song is essential to any cardio routine! Hearing lead singer Matthew Murphy's encouraging singing will help you focus on your gym goals.

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