Middle Kids’ Lost Friends – an Album for a Perfect Summer Road Trip

Middle Kids Banner by Bailey Dutton

- By Samantha Woolf -

In their debut album, Lost Friends, Middle Kids delivers with songs perfectly tailored for a summer road trip.

Middle Kids already attracted global attention with their 2016 single "Edge of Town."

Recorded even before the band played a gig, it was a massive hit. It made an appearance on Elton John's Beats 1 show and currently boasts over 14 million streams online. This Sydney-based trio includes husband and wife Hannah Joy and Tim Fitz, along with drummer Harry Day. Their music lands them almost 700,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

With these past successes, audiences anxiously anticipated their debut album. Now the wait is over and fans of the trio certainly got for what they wanted. Songs that infuse indie with alternative, rock, and pop influences are sure to please. New listeners are sure to appreciate the mix of styles, tones, and topics on the album. They will have the added bonus of being able to go back to "Edge of Town" to hear the beginnings of the band and understand their development over time.

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Middle Kids captivates right from the start.

Lost Friends begins with the progressive "Bought It." The song starts with a simple guitar and exposed vocals, but as the song goes on, it grows more complex. The entrance of the electric guitar takes over the song and guides it to an exciting level. "Bought It" becomes something completely unexpected, leaving listeners begging for more.

Another noteworthy addition to the album is "On My Knees." It's a come-together anthem, propelled by drum beats, that will surely have everyone singing along. "Don't Be Hiding" uses Hannah Joy's soaring vocals to communicate a powerful message. The lyrics tell all of us to feel comfortable in our own bodies, no matter how insecure we feel. The transportive "Maryland" brings you in with relaxing vibes. Its easy-going melody is a perfect early morning listen. Whether going for a walk, preparing breakfast, or sipping coffee, this song will provide a great start to your day.

"So Long, Farewell, I'm Gone" deserves its placement as the last song on Lost Friends. With haunting vocals and a colorful arrangement of instruments - notably snare drum and electric guitar - the song brings new elements to the album. It leaves listeners excited for the future of the band and the next ideas they will incorporate.

Lost Friends brings to the table classic indie music, but with a little punch to it. These songs aren't just meant for background sound in a coffee shop - they're catchy and attention-grabbing. Many are a good match for radio.

Summer is the perfect time for the Lost Friends release. There's a bright, upbeat element that flows through music. The dynamic album definitely has a place at barbecues, sunny afternoons, stargazing nights, and drives to the beach. The most memorable songs demand a spot on anyone's road trip playlist.

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