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By Andrea Williams

Of Monsters and Men came into the limelight with their 2011 single "Little Talks". In that same year, they released their debut album titled My Head Is An Animal. Then in 2013, they released a live album featuring seven of the songs from My Head Is An Animal, and two years later they put out their sophomore album Beneath the Skin. But ever since then, it seems as if Of Monsters and Men have completely disappeared from the music scene.

Of Monsters and Men is a five-person group that formed in 2010 from Reykjavík, Iceland. That first year they decided to enter into an annual competition with four of the members fans know now: Nanna, Brynjar, Raggi, and Arnar. After the competition, they decided to add two new members to the band, including both Kristján and Árni. However, after the release of their first album, Árni decided to leave the band to be able to go back to school. This absence gave Of Monsters and Men a new sound that is distinct in their second album, Beneath the Skin.

Alive and Well on Social Media

While it seems Of Monsters and Men aren't being too active in the music world, fans are still able to get updates from the band on social media. The group uses both their Instagram and Twitter to communicate with fans. The most recent post on their Instagram, as of right now, shows the band once again working hard in the studio and giving fans that much more hope for some new music.

Musicians Turned Actors

While luckily there is no stop in sight for the band to stop making music, however,  during this three-year break, some of the band members started to pursue another medium: acting. In the sixth season of the popular show Game of Thrones, Of Monsters and Men made a quick cameo during an episode.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Of Monsters and Men mentioned that even though it took them a while to get into Game of Thrones, once they did they were completely hooked. After asking their manager to get them on the show, not much happened due to busy schedules. But once the producers of Game of Thrones were made aware of the band's interest they were cast as musical extras.

What Might the Future Hold?

Of Monsters and Men gave some fans hope when they posted an Instagram picture with the caption "Album 3. Let's do this." Yet, this post was back in 2017.  The pictures to follow were photos of the band in various places, however, some of the most notable ones are the photos that show Of Monsters and Men working in the studio, hopefully working on the long-awaited third album. While that post was made some time ago, Of Monsters and Men are pretty notorious for taking their time on any album they are creating. While there is no timeline in sight for the third album, there is still hope for its release in 2019. But during the waiting period there is plenty of music to enjoy, and even a TV show to catch Of Monsters and Men on.

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