Show Review: A Night of Indie Bliss with Men I Trust and TOPS

Photos by Madison Ruiz

By Madison Ruiz, Staff Writer 

Artist: Men I Trust 

Venue: Roadrunner 

When: Sunday, November 19th 



The Canadian indie rock band TOPS has been Men I Trust’s opener on this last leg of their 2023 tour, and let me tell you, they were the perfect choice. Hearing TOPS live was an unforgettable experience. Every song was a dreamy melody that set the tone for a very fun and whimsical night. 

If you're unfamiliar with TOPS, the band consists of lead singer, Jane Penny (who has the most ethereal voice), guitarist David Carriere, drummer Riley Fleck, and keyboardist Marta Cikojevico. 

The setlist was a curated journey through TOPS' most beloved tracks including “Petals,” “Way to Be Loved,” and “I Feel Alive.” The audience, whether already devoted fans or newly initiated into the world of TOPS, found themselves jamming out and dancing to each song. 

For one of the songs the band performed, Jane Penny took a break from singing and played the flute which was incredible to hear and see live. 

About ten minutes after TOPS played their last song from their set list, Men I Trust came out and the crowd went wild. There was an immense amount of love for the band that radiated around the venue.



There are always those bands that you would give ANYTHING to see live in concert and it is safe to say Men I Trust is one of those bands for me. Hearing them live was such a special experience. It was a captivating fusion of dreamy indie pop, smooth vocals and some chill, relaxing grooves. 

Fans that had the chance to attend the show may have noticed that something about the band was a little different than usual. In between sets, lead singer Emma Proulx, announced that bassist and guitarist Jessy Caron, sadly was not able to join the band for the Boston show due to an emergency flight he had to catch— he and his wife are having a baby! Since Jessy was unable to perform with the band, Canadian musician Dominique Plante, originally known for his instrumental and songwriting collaboration with songwriter Ariane Roy, took his spot for the night and was absolutely spectacular. The crowd still expressed so much love and support for the band and Plante, which was very heartwarming and made the night extra special. Emma Proulx even made sure to thank Boston for being so kind and supportive. 



The band played a total of twenty songs including all of their top hits such as “Sugar,” and “Show Me How,” which you may have heard on TikTok since the song was widely used across the app, sparking a ton of popularity. This had to be one of the best songs of the night because almost everyone in the audience knew it and was singing along. I’ll admit that “Show Me How” was definitely the song I was most looking forward to hearing live and it definitely lived up to my expectations. 

Other songs on the setlist they played included a mashup of their top hit “Oncle Jazz,” “Norton Commander (All We Need),” “Hard to Let Go,” top hit “Numb,” “Lifelong Song,” “Lucky Sue,” and top hit “Tree Among Shrubs.” Jane Penny from TOPS even came back out to play some more of the flute with the band during their performance of “All Night!” Men I trust ended their show with an encore of their songs “Seven” and “Billie Toppy.” 



This was a very bittersweet night for both the band TOPS and Men I Trust as it was their last show on tour until 2024. The realization that this was the last show for a while infused an extra layer of excitement into the already charged crowd. 

Boston came out and made the night one to remember. Every note played and every lyric sung became a precious note in the symphony of memories created on this unforgettable night. 

This was a sold out show appealing to both the eyes and the ears. There were excited faces both in the crowd and on stage lit up by the dazzling and vibrant stage lights which created a warm and fuzzy feeling. The crowd was filled with dancing, singing and cheering. 

TOPS and Men I Trust took a pause between songs to express the heartfelt appreciation they had for being able to go on tour and play some really fun shows at some really cool venues. They also expressed their gratitude for all of the fans that came out to support them for their last show. The night, though bittersweet in its temporary conclusion, made its way into the memory of all those present, promising a future reunion in 2024 that would undoubtedly be eagerly awaited. 



As a music lover myself, nothing is better than when your favorite band or artists announces that they are going to be releasing new music soon. Halfway through the show, lead singer, Emma Proulx, excited the crowd by announcing that the band is taking time off from tour to write new music. Get excited because a new album is officially in the works! 

The band even gave Boston a first listen to one of their new songs that they have been working on. The venue hushed in eager anticipation as the band launched into a new song and let's just say the crowd (including myself) loved it. If you were not already a Men I Trust Fan, this song will definitely change that. 

I personally can not wait to hear the new album and hopefully get a chance to hear the new songs live again when Men I Trust goes back on tour in 2024.

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