Pick of the Week: Paramore “Running Out of Time”


By Arlo Winokur, Staff Writer

The Return

American rock band Paramore is back with their triumphant sixth album: This is Why. It is their first album in nearly six years. “Running Out Of Time” is the fourth single from the album, released in February. The six-year gap between albums left fans of the Grammy Award-winning group eager for something new and exciting.

While they easily could have stuck with the status quo, the band took This Is Why in a new direction. However, they managed to do this while delivering an experience that is undeniably Paramore.

This balance is apparent on “Running Out Of Time.” The song is a perfect fusion of This Is Why and the band’s 2017 album, After Laughter.


Running, Running, Running!

The song’s name fits like a glove; the band plays like they are, in fact, running out of time. Chasing something they have no hope of reaching. One bar in the first pre-chorus really captures the essence of the track: “What if I’m a selfish prick? No regard, ah.”

Lead singer Hayley Williams is simultaneously shrugging her shoulders and biting her fingernails over her chronic lateness. She knows she will be late, but she feels bad about it.

The chorus's explosive drums and guitar riffs add electrifying energy to the song. The lyrics describe everyday mistakes like spilling coffee or snoozing the alarm too many times.

These mundane descriptions, coupled with hectic instrumentals, reflect a frantic panicky feeling that is all too present today. Williams lets the little things pile up, and it is this mountain of stress that causes her to run late.


This Is Why

The lyrical content of this song sheds light on the album's overarching theme: Hayley Williams is upset. She has looked out into the world and does not like what she sees.

An outspoken advocate for social issues, especially abortion rights, she is not one to stand idly by and watch bad things happen. This Is Why is a social critique, and perhaps now more than ever, there is plenty to critique.

But Williams does not purport to be an expert on social justice; she is just a woman speaking her mind on the issues that matter most to her and her fans.


What’s Coming Next?

Paramore is currently in the middle of their This Is Why Tour, which began in late 2022. Since October, they have traveled over North and South America and Europe.

This is their first tour since the After Laughter tour which ended in 2018. Understandably, this four-year gap in touring has led to considerable hype surrounding this tour.

They’ll be in Boston this summer on May 28, headlining Boston Calling. The festival will be at the Harvard Athletic Complex, after which they will continue playing shows around the U.S. until the beginning of August.


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