Playlist: New Discoveries 7/19

Playlist: New Discoveries Broken Bells, Alex G, First Aid Kit
Graphics by Kasvi Bhatia


After a three year hiatus, the Swedish sister Folk-duo First Aid Kit is back with a very hopeful song, “Angel.” The lyrics tell a vulnerable story, but the harmonies add so much more. It’s almost impossible not to get goosebumps when listening to it for the first time. As “Angel” progresses, strings are added, making the bridge intense and passionate. The band stated in a press release that they “wanted it to feel really big, but vulnerable at the same time.” Listening through, this is something they certainly accomplished. “Angel” is just an exciting glimpse into their upcoming fifth album!

- Erin Norton, Membership Assistant



Indie-rock band Broken Bells is back after years of silence. Their new lead single “We’re Not in Orbit Yet” will be featured in their new album Into the Blue. For the duo of Brian Burton and James Mercer — also the lead vocalist for the Shins — it will be their first album since 2014. The song starts off with electronic beeping followed by more soothing elements. The blend of futuristic, retro, acoustic and folky sounds are peaceful and entrancing. Altogether, it almost creates the illusion that the listener is orbiting in space. The music video put out alongside the single is grainy, and contains bright lights and faces that can barely be made out. “We will sacrifice to touch the sky,” is the thought-provoking repeating line in the song. The title of the song, though, informs listeners “we’re not in orbit yet.”

- Mina Rose Morales, Staff Writer



With ominous lyrics and an infectious summer beat, Alex G penned “Runner,” released on June 21st, 2022. The single will be included in a new album from the artist coming September 23rd, God Save The Animals. Earlier this year the artist released “Blessing” which will also be featured on the album. 

Made ominous in meaning by the other lyrics, the chorus repeats, “My runner, my runner, my man.” Listening to the sound though, the track feels like summer. This feeling is only supported by the music video, which features warm, orange tones in a smokey studio. “Runner” gives us an idea as to how the upcoming album will sound — and it’s signature Alex G. 

Alex G will start the tour for his album in North Carolina this October. He’ll make a stop in Boston at Paradise Rock Club on November 9th, and then the tour will end shortly after, in Philly. 

- Amber Garcia, Membership Coordinator


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