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Distorted guitar and heavy drums open the dark atmosphere of Yves Tumor's latest, "Jackie." The song comes off of their latest collection, The Asymptotical World EP. Known for fusing genres such as pop, rock, psychedelia, and electronics, Yves Tumor is as experimental as ever in their latest works. "Jackie" features familiar musical elements with an otherworldly spin as Tumor sings about separation and an overall feeling of disturbance. The music video is just as artistic as the song with a vibrant color palette and psychedelic effects. In it, Yves Tumor is depicted sword fighting someone, presumably Jackie. With both figures down in the final scene, it is unclear if anyone wins. This same sense of ambiguity is consistently mirrored in Yves Tumor's music, helping to make it so captivating.

- Nora Onanian, Web Services Coordinator


Boston's own Gentle Temper pay tribute to the indie-folk artists before them with a song that immediately feels familiar in a new way. "Same Blood" opens with anthem-like "oh's" and "ah's" with cymbals crashing behind them. But the song quickly moves into something more intimate, stripping it down to just guitars and singing. The electric and acoustic guitars bouncing around each other fill out the background while Marion Earley's lyrics cut right through. The song culminates at the end with both Earley and Ryan Meier singing out. "Same Blood'' is the title track off the duo's new EP, released on July 2nd.

- Meghan Hockridge, Staff Writer


Lake Street Dive are at their cleverest and grooviest with "Know That I Know." With this song, they demonstrate their ability to have fun musically and lyrically. A true love for their craft shines through. The witty lyrics glitter with pop culture references and the instruments give a vintage, yet classic feel, guaranteeing that this song will remain a timeless hit. "Know That I Know" is definitely one of my favorite Lake Street Dive songs. I hope it puts a smile on your face just like it does for me.

"Know That I Know" comes off of Lake Street Dive's latest album Obviously. You can check out staff writer Meghan Hockridge's album review of Obviously here and her recent interview with the band here.

- Tatum Jenkins, Music Coordinator


Clairo has come a long way from making DIY indie-pop songs from her childhood bedroom in Carlisle, Massachusetts. "Amoeba," off of her sophomore album Sling, is the perfect song to showcase this growth. A groovy piano melody starts out the song as Clairo's buoyant vocals come in. Like the rest of Sling, "Amoeba" has a humble and intimate feel, lyrically and musically. But this track stands out as a more upbeat spot on the album, picking up with a strong beat about a minute in. In an interview with ABC, Clairo said that while on tour she often forgets to take care of herself - from going too long without calling her friends and family, to missing meals. Full of this self-realization, "Amoeba" is a reminder to prioritize the things that matter.

You can read a review of Sling here. Music coordinator Tatum Jenkins highlights Clairo's lyrical and musical honesty and explores how the messages running through the album resonate with her.

- Nora Onanian, Web Services Coordinator
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