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New Discoveries: Black Keys, Soccer Mommy, Beabadoobee
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With “Wild Child,” the Black Keys stimulate a new wave of modern influence to their already solidified sound. And through doing that, the Akron-based duo proves once again to be one of the main groups maintaining what it means to make music within the confines of the rock genre in the 21st Century. “Wild Child” is the first single to be released ahead of their upcoming album due May 13th. The record, titled Dropout Boogie, will be their 11th album. Yes, you did read that correctly — 11th. And if “Wild Child” is foreshadowing anything, the album will be well received. 

Starting off with a steady drumbeat that maintains the same pulse throughout, and a guitar holding mostly just two simple chords, this piece electrifies the listener and causes head rocking. They channel the feeling from their success in the 2010s, mixed with the feeling of classic Rock and Roll coolness. The Black Keys are here to tell you to not count them out just yet. 

- Kira Weaver, Staff Writer



Soccer Mommy just released a first glimpse into her upcoming album, and now we are even more excited than we were before. This ’90s alt-rock sounding single, titled “Shotgun,” points out the vulnerabilities in falling in love and how it’s such a fleeting feeling— both terrifying and enthralling. This song features her signature melodic sound and harmonies, but with a rougher edge. Sometimes Forever is set to come out on June 24th. Now that we can’t get enough of “Shotgun” we’re eager to see all of the new and incredible music that comes out of it. 

- Erin Norton, Membership Assistant



“Talk” is the lead single to beabadoobee’s new upcoming album Beatopia out July 15th. The U.K artist is signed to Dirty Hit records, and first gained traction with her hit song “Coffee.” In “Talk,” beabadoobee reminisces about partying. She sings, “Wе go together like the gum on my shoes. We make out, we make out when it's too late. We go out, we go out on a Tuesday.” 

In an interview, the artist said about the song, “I wrote ‘Talk’ just after my first album. I was obsessed with Tuesday because I thought it was the best night to go out, not too much chaos but just enough to have a good time…It’s like that unavoidable feeling that you get. You can’t get rid of it, and you know it’s bad, but you love it really.” Like all her music, the artist really specializes in making her own sound, mixing pop, rock, and indie vocals together. 

 - Amber Garcia, Staff Writer



The simple piano intro in halfalive’s “move me” makes you think the song is going to be a lighthearted one. Almost as soon as the drums and lead singer Josh Taylor’s voice kicks in, however, we realize that the song boldly handles the complexities of intimacy. “Well I was getting used to what I thought was love,” the Long Beach band sings. Released on February 11th with their album Give Me Your Shoulders Pt. 1, “Move Me” explores the vulnerability of loving someone. 

The song goes from a simple piano chord to a cacophony of drums, guitars, and lead singer Josh Taylor’s voice all at once. “Move Me” is meant to sound spiritual. It’s a transitional song that goes from being close to someone to suddenly becoming their lifeline. The spirituality as well as natural lyrics and sounds are common themes throughout halfalive’s album. For that reason, the song’s build is symbolic of two peoples’ intimacy, revealing the many layers of what it feels to ache for the comfort of someone.

- Lauren Surbey, Staff Writer


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