Flying Through the Clouds with King Princess at Boston Calling

Photography by Lizzie Heintz

By Bobby Nicholas III

King Princess' drummer came out on the stage first, and started hitting his pad and a slow, deep synth rang out across the Blue Stage field at Boston Calling.

Soon enough, the guitarist came out and followed suit with a nice and loud electric strum. Soon enough, Mikaela Straus as King Princess herself came out and exclaimed "I see a lot of gay youth here tonight! Are you ready?" She immediately \ started right with "Talia" off of her debut EP, Make My Bed.

She kept referring for Antoine to "Give it to [her!]" throughout the set, and Antoine brought it hard.

King Princess joined in and busted out the guitar a bit later. She told us that her family is from Boston, "so this is a big win!"  After taking a hit from her vape pen, she started shredding.

Throughout her entire set, the screen in the background was playing a continuous loop of flying through clouds, alluding to the cover of her latest album, P***y Is God. which she played the title track of after proclaiming "I love festivals. Everyone's drink, everyone's stoned, and listening to some tunes. Alright, I'm gonna give you the p***y song now." This got everybody cheering (those who weren't already.)

King Princess told us that she wanted to tell us a story. I was getting ready for a nice sit-down story, but I was proven wrong as she bust into "Trust Nobody."

Before she went into WERS favorite "1950," she told us not to worry, because she will be "playing forever." King Princess isn't leaving anytime soon and she'll be coming back to Boston.

King Princess mellowed the crowd a bit as she told us that we're "going to want to slow dance to this one" as she went into "Ohio." Right before her guitar solo, she ad-libbed "So what's good Boston? Is it me or is it you?"

King Princess left the stage by throwing the guitar down, tossing off her hat, and blowing a kiss to the crowd. Her guitarist followed suit by dropping his guitar (I hope they have insurance), and then the crowd dispersed. As I was leaving, I heard everybody around me talk about how astounded they were.

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