Roast From Your Host

Roast From Your Host
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Have someone in your life who could use a little laugh about themselves? We've come up with a fun way to dish out some roasts and humor. Starting this week, every Friday at 12:05 Meghan will read out the "Roast From Your Host" live. Refer to our examples below to see the kinds of "insults" we have in mind. Keep it light, keep it fun, and roast away!


Programming Coordinator and early-afternoon host Meghan Hockridge roasts host Phil Jones:

“Phil turns into a different person when Caroline Polachek comes on the air — he’s hiding his party animal side from us.”


Music Coordinator and host of All New From 8-9 Tatum Jenkins roasts General Manager D Simpson:

"I think D is Batman. Every time we're on a Zoom call, he never has a real background. What is he hiding? His bat cave, probably."


Blog Coordinator Nora Onanian roasts Music Coordinator Tatum Jenkins:

"Tatum is completely willing to write a 2,000 word personal essay for the music blog (which she nearly has), but plans to graduate without ever having written a 300-word pick of the week. A little un-writing, literature & publishing major-like if you ask me."


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