Pick of the Week: Dinosaur Jr. “I Ran Away”

Pick of the Week: Dinosaur Jr. "I Ran Away"
Graphics by Kevin Shin

By Mason Standish, Staff Writer

"I Ran Away" is a return to form for band Dinosaur Jr. It's an impressive homecoming track, the band's first since 2016's Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not. "I Ran Away" is one of three recently released songs from their upcoming twelfth album, Sweep It Into Space. You can expect the project to drop in its entirety on April 23rd. The Amherst, Massachusetts-based band's talents truly come fully into fruition here with one of their most finger-tap-worthy songs to date. 

This particular ditty's strummy guitar, scratchy vocals, and upbeat tempo all help to create an incredibly nostalgic feel. It'll sound familiar to fans of the understated musical stylings signature to late '80s/early '90s soft indie rock. The lo-fi production builds upon the sentimental feel of this track. It all helps to further "I Ran Away" as one of Dinosaur Jr.'s coziest songs as of yet.

Each musical element in this piece is only elevated by the poignant lyrics penned by bandleader J Mascis. His clearly personal and emotionally effective writing tells a tale of someone who feels that there is no other option in life but to run away from everything and everyone around them. Dinosaur Jr.'s simple, understated track serves as a perfect microcosm of everything that makes the band so well-regarded and loved in the first place. Its warm tone and relatable message will be sure to stick with any listener.


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