Pick of the Week: Bully ft. Soccer Mommy “Lose You”

Pick of the Week: Lose You - Bully (banner)
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By Kathia Dawson, Staff Writer

Lose you” is a combination of guitar riffs, pop hooks, and a nostalgic beat that places it in a 2000s coming-of-age movie. 

Nashville singer-songwriter Alicia Boganno, known as Bully is making headlines for her latest single featuring Soccer Mommy. This single comes as a teaser for her fourth studio album Lucky for You which is set to release on June 2. 

Both artists have a 2000s grunge-inspired sound. But Bully’s sound is more fast-paced like The Pixies, or Hole, while Soccer Mommy’s sound is slower and is more similar to Alanis Morisette with her lyricism. This is Bully’s first time having a feature. According to NME, she was ecstatic to collaborate with Soccer Mommy; she said it was a “no-brainer.” 


Dive Into the Lyrics of “Lose You”

Throughout the song, Bully copes with a relationship ending. She explores the impermanence of relationships in a simple, but telling way.

She starts the song by calling out the common phrase “time heals all wounds.” Through these lyrics, she alludes to the devastating pain that follows heartbreak. Ultimately, despite time passing, Bully remains heartbroken:

“Time's just a useless measurement of pain. You can take all the time in the world. Things won't ever be the same.” 

Next, she shares that she knows the relationship will end. However, throughout the song she says she still feels lucky to have known that person:

“Either way I'm gonna lose. Either way, I'm gonna lose you.” 


Dive Into the Sound of “Lose You”

The indie rock track has heavy rock and punk influences. 

Both artists have reworked 90s rock music differently in their personal discographies. Their combined sounds create a song that should be a part of 10 Things I Hate About You. Overall, the two musicians produce a perfect 90s, and early 2000s, garage band sound. 


What’s Next for Bully? 

The single is a teaser for Bully’s upcoming album Lucky For You. She kicks off her four-month-long tour in June. Bostonians can see her at MGM Music Hall on June 8th. 


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