Pick of the Week: Dawes “Who Do You Think You’re Talking To”

Pick of the Week: Dawes

Graphics by Kevin Shin


By Riley Greenstein, Staff Writer

Pick of the Week: Dawes "Who Do You Think You're Talking To"

Dawes is back with an explosive single from their new album Good Luck With Whatever! "Who Do You Think You're Talking To" is about dealing with past trauma in new relationships. Taylor Goldsmith sings in his smooth baritone voice, patiently working with his partner through her insecurities (Goldsmith may very well be taking inspiration from his relationship with wife Mandy Moore, who he started dating after her high-profile split with Ryan Adams). The guitars and piano roar to life on the chorus, carrying the song to epic highs. The drums and bass help lock in the groove and keep the tune moving forward. It's a must-listen folk rock track that can warm your heart this winter season.

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