The Comeback of Capital Cities


By Andrea Williams

When Capital Cities entered the music scene with "Safe and Sound," there was nothing on the radio that sounded similar. They came in with a new electro-pop sound that not only cemented the band a place in the music industry, but also opened the door for many artists that had that same techno-pop feel.

Capital Cities released their first studio album in 2011 titled In A Title Wave of Mystery. People were hooked as soon as they heard the melodies. "Safe and Sound," peaked at number eight, and spent a total of 43 weeks on the Billboard Top 100 in 2013.

What happened to Capital Cities after "Safe and Sound?"

After the song's release, fans couldn't go a day without hearing it on the radio. It seemed Capital Cities would be in the music scene for a while, considering the success of the song after their first album. However, they seemed to disappear.

They finally broke their silence when they released  "Vowels" in 2016.  This single is very much the electro-pop sound that Capital Cities fans grew to love. One year after the release, Capital Cities released an EP titled Swimming Pool Summer. It was much like the previous songs they have released -- with the same techno sound, pop melodies, and beats. In the same EP, Rick Ross was featured on a song called "Girl Friday." With this feature, fans got a hip-hop voice along with the electro-pop beats.

Is the New Album Any Different?

With the momentum of the release of their new EP, Capital Cities put out their sophomore album Solarize on August 10, 2018. This album has a total of 16 songs, 5 of which were featured on the EP Swimming Pool Summer. As soon as fans listen to Solarize, they are immediately reminded of why Capital Cities is so unique. With the first song consisting of heavy synth, drums, horns in the background, and the ever so catchy melody, they seemed to jump back into the same vibe they had in their first album. With the songs that they keep releasing, it seems like they will always be able to make tunes that people will want to dance to, and they will continue to succeed and innovate in their electro-pop genre.

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