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Venezuelans Protest Against Violence

Venezuelans Protest Against Violence

 By Angelika Romero, audio by Ana Karina Vivas BOSTON- Over 200 Venezuelans took over the streets of Boston yesterday, marching from Boston Common to Copley Square. The gathering was to show support for the student protests currently taking place in Venezuela. [soundcloud id='135809958' autoPlay='true' color='#2a3590'] Today marks the ninth consecutive day of protests all throughout Venezuela. […]

House representatives gather support against fracking practice

by Aidan Connelly  This past week, Massachusetts House of Representatives member Denise Provose stood with Ben Hellerstein of Environment Massachusetts in front of Massachusetts General Hospital to campaign against the looming threat of fracking in the Pioneer Valley Massachusetts. Hellerstein and Provose reached out to Massachusetts public health professionals to publicize the significant health risks […]

Solar industry adds more jobs in Massachusetts

By Aidan Connelly  Climbing six spots, Massachusetts has become the fourth largest solar jobs provider in the the nation, according to a national solar job census. The state currently provides around 6,400 jobs in solar energy. This bump in place is the result of a 42 percent increase of solar jobs in Massachusetts over 2013, along […]

Breaking up with fossil fuels

Breaking up with fossil fuels

By Melanie Escobar With Valentine’s Day coming around the corner, tomorrow people will be gathered in front of the statehouse to watch a Valentine’s Day themed skit called “Breaking Up With Fossil Fuels” to get state representatives to stop investing in companies that control fossil fuels. [soundcloud id='134305942' color='#2a5090'] Environmental activists, actors and students will […]

Admiration in the 21st Century

Today on You Are Here we explore admiration in the 21st century. 10 years ago the social media site Facebook launched to the general public. Today most of you probably check your news feed every day, and you’re not alone. Last year, about 170 million people joined Facebook, increasingly the total number of users to […]

Budget cuts threaten Cape Cod ecology

By Aidan Connelly The Cape Cod National Seashore has long been a prime area of natural beauty for Massachusetts. Its beaches take in around 4 million visitors annually and are home to the Piping Plover, a small-endangered bird that thrives on the Cape’s rocky sand.[soundcloud id='133268212' color='#2a3590'] For decades, National Park Service has protected these […]

Mothers Out Front marches in Boston, demands need for proactive legislation

Mothers Out Front marches in Boston, demands need for proactive legislation

By Bridget Reed Morawski Regional environmental group Mothers Out Front marched to the Massachusetts State House this weekend demanding legislation in 2014 that would protect their families from the effects of climate change. [soundcloud id='132898820' color='#2a3590']   Not only mothers, but grandmothers, fathers and children arrived from as far as western Massachusetts to join together for […]

Love and Marriage

[soundcloud id='20613272' color='#2a3590' format='set'] Today on you You Are Here we say “I do”. 2014 marks ten years of same-sex marriage in Massachusetts, which was also the first state to pass that law. And marriage equality saw advancements on a national level last year when the Supreme Court guaranteed same-sex couples the same treatment under […]

A New Year in Boston

[soundcloud id='20612347' color='#2a3590' format='set'] For the first show of the new year, You Are Here takes a look at the past year in Boston…and what it means for the year ahead. 2013 was a big year for Boston in sports, politics and in the community. Boston hosted an election not once, but every few months. […]

Larry David Visits Emerson College

Larry David Visits Emerson College

Article by Stephen Stone He may have become famous for creating a show about nothing, but when Larry David took the stage at Semel Theater Wednesday night, he certainly had a lot to say. [soundcloud id='120140015' autoPlay='true' color='#2a3590'] A packed house of students sat attentively as the “Seinfeld” co-creator and “Curb Your Enthusiasm” star spoke […]

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To all WERS Members & Volunteers

THANK YOU! We had an awesome Live Music Week because of you! We exceeded our goal of 1000 donors and we couldn’t have done it without your support! We are working on sending your gifts now and you can expect to have them in 4 to 6 weeks. If you have any questions or concerns, […]