Pick of the Week: Foo Fighters “Love Dies Young”

Foo Fighters "Love Dies Young"
Graphics by Ainsley Basic

By Nora Onanian, Web Services Coordinator

With its comedic synchronized swimming-themed music video and unique sound, “Love Dies Young” makes a splash literally and figuratively. The song serves as the ending track for the Foo Fighters’ tenth studio album Medicine At Midnight


Groovy, synthy, and reminiscent of an ‘80s pop-rock sound, “Love Dies Young” seems like a surprising fit into Foo Fighters’ discography. But as the closer to their most upbeat and experimental album yet, it simply makes sense. 

Quick and steady guitar brings the song to an energetic start and it only grows from there. Taylor Hawkin’s drumming shines at a 16th note beat pattern. And in classic Foo Fighters fashion, things quiet down a bit before the song's most intense moments. 

A bright guitar riff sees the end of every chorus, one of the many components that bring the track’s uplifting sound. But the lyrics by contrast are rather glum. “Never-ending cemeteries, funeral parades, all your dreams are buried in their place” Dave Grohl sings before the eponymous hook. 


Talking to Guitar World, Grohl explained how the song came to be from joking around. “Each instrument we put on, we were just sitting on the couch laughing, because we’re doing the things we’re not supposed to do. We’re not supposed to do the galloping flange guitar! We’re not supposed to do the Abba beat! But we’re just like, ‘Fuck, load it up, man!’ And then at the end of the day, we had something we’d never done before.”

This fun spirit is channeled into the sound, resulting in something danceable and impossibly catchy.


A song that originally started as a joke deserves a fittingly playful music video, and Foo Fighters delivered. The opening scene is a nearly 3-minute monologue from Jason Sudeikis. The coach from the popular TV series “Ted Lasso” sports a new look as the coach of a women's synchronized swimming team. “Today is the most important competition of your lives,” he wraps up. “Prove me right.” 

With the blow of his whistle, the synchronized swimmers walk out as the guitar intro of “Love Dies Young” comes in. When the team turns to face the camera for the first time, it is revealed that the faces of the Foo Fighters are superimposed onto their bodies. That’s not the only hilarious twist in the music video. While rhythm guitarist Pat Smear is absent from the routine, he makes an appearance at the end, making a disturbing reference to the movie Caddyshack come full circle. 

The video for “Love Dies Young” captures one of the qualities that draws many fans to the group, especially during times as serious as these — the Foo Fighters have just the right amount of fun. 

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