Playlist: New Discoveries 12/14

Nation of Language, The Killers, Beach Bunny
Graphics by Ainsley Basic


Brooklyn trio Nation of Language just released their new debut album A Way Forward. The new wave indie-pop group's hit single “Across That Fine Line” is one of the catchiest and unique songs on the album. For their wedding present, Aidan Noell  (synthesizer, backing vocals) and Ian Richard Devaney (lead vocals, guitar and percussion) asked their loved ones to celebrate their union by funding the project.

Safe to say, this song transports you to another dimension. With a pulsing drum beat, electronic bass grooves from the talented Michael Sue-Poi and synth-wave rhythms, it creates a sense of old sci-fi rom-coms. The lyrics, “across that fine line, I died a hundred times. I reckon you could, let it bleed,” are repeated towards the end of the song. They reflect the repeated patterns of a broken connection; the almost nostalgic, slow-burning yet violent emotional journey taken towards the end of a devastating relationship.

- Mehvish Ali, Staff Writer


Beach Bunny is finally back nine months after their Blame Game EP was released! After teasing a new era since October, they’ve made a return with a new song, “Oxygen.” This song is all about letting love in and the anxiety that comes with new relationships. The playful, bliss track reminds us that our inner voice might tell us that we don’t deserve the love we get from others, but it’s important to keep in mind that we are all very deserving of adoration. 

- Erin Norton, Membership Assistant


For the new album Pressure Machine, The Killers’ Brandon Flowers returns to Utah, where he spent most of his childhood. The titular track opens with an audio recording of a woman speaking about starting a life in Spanish Fork. The song jumps into soft, finger-picked guitar and Flowers’ gentle voice over it. He even jumps up to an angelic tone for the chorus, singing “I don’t remember the last time you asked how I was.” The song perfectly captures the mundanity, along with the drama, of everyday life. The song is written from the perspective of a boy watching his life fly by. Yet, he never feels rushed, remaining calm and even in stressful moments.

- Meghan Hockridge, Program Coordinator
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