Pick of the Week: The Lumineers “BRIGHTSIDE”

The Lumineers BRIGHTSIDE Graphics by Ainsley Basic

By Meghan Hockridge, Program Coordinator

Following their 2019 album III, the Lumineers are back with the title track off of their upcoming album BRIGHTSIDE. The past decade has been a big one for the band, shooting to fame after the massive success of their 2012 hit “Ho Hey.” From Grammys to world tours, the band has a lot riding on their upcoming record. 



Starting off with just the drums and a driving guitar line, the band is seen a little more stripped back from their usual very full productions. But as soon as lead vocalist Welsley Shultz comes in, we can immediately recognize that it’s the Lumineers. The song keeps following that same guitar riff from the beginning as it pulls us into the chorus. 

In the chorus, we hear Shultz break from the laid-back tone he has in the verses. He belts out, “I’ll be your brightside baby tonight.” In the chorus, we also hear the rest of the band open up. A few more voices and some chimes behind the guitar come in, but the song stays intimate. 

“BRIGHTSIDE” takes a significant divergence from the big epic folk sound the Lumineers are so often known for. We see the band a little more laid back and personal, allowing just a few instruments and voices to guide the whole song. 



The Lumineers’ new album BRIGHTSIDE is coming out on January 14th, and the band will be heading out on tour shortly after that in February for a Europe tour with a US tour anticipated to be announced soon.

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