Pick of the Week: The Marías “Hush”

The Marías "Hush" Graphics by Ainsley Basic

By Nora Onanian, Web Services Coordinator

With breathy vocals and biting lyrics, The Marías’ latest, “Hush,” oozes allure. “Hush” was the lead single off of their debut album, CINEMA, released on June 25th. 

María Zardoya and Josh Conway formed their psychedelic-soul group The Marías in 2016 out of Los Angeles. Before releasing their successful first EP Superclean Vol. I, the duo started out their career working on music for movies and television. CINEMA serves as a tribute to their beginnings in film. This inspiration is heard throughout the album’s tracks, each sounding perfect for elevating dramatic movie moments, “Hush” especially.



Starting with a low, bouncy beat, “Hush” draws listeners’ attention within the first few seconds. The beat continues on as a back-drop throughout, helping to build the song’s dark and moody atmosphere. “Don’t act so special, what I do is not for you” María sings, opening the lyrics. Her dreamy voice and biting words exude power. Conway adds light supporting vocals throughout before coming in for a full verse. “I’m a sucker for revenge” he repeats, escalating the tension. With its catchy rhythm and dramatic storyline, it’s easy to imagine the song fitting into the soundtrack of an action film.



“Hush” sounds unlike anything in The Marías discography – although that shouldn’t come as a shock when considering the group’s experimental nature. They draw inspiration from many different genres and cultures, including María’s Puerto-Rican roots. This variety is seen in the rest of their debut album – from the all-instrumental opening song to several bilingual tracks. 

The Marías are playing at Treefort Music Fest this September and will begin a North American tour starting in January of 2022. Here in Boston, we’ll get a chance to see them play at Paradise Rock Club on February 19th. 

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