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If you’re looking for a groovy reality check, then Air Traffic Controller’s latest release, “20,” should be your next listen. Sounds like a speeding car and a spunky guitar start the song in an ever-moving direction. As soon as lead singer Dave Munro chimes in, we understand why: “20” is about aging. The track’s chorus is reminiscent as Munro repeats, “I was 20. I just believed, big things gonna happen for me.” Reflections on the age show that “20” is nostalgic, but not missed. Air Traffic Controller lets us know that they are wiser now, and that they can laugh at what could have been. “Cause it is what it is, what it was wasn’t meant to be,” Munro confidently and humorously proclaims.

The Boston-area band created a wake-up call you can dance to. “20” is the first song on the band's fourth album, DASH, released on November 11th. The track is just a sneak peek into a coming-of-age album full of growth and resilience. 

For more on Air Traffic controller and their recent release, check out our interview with Dave Munro here.

- Lauren Surbey, Staff Writer



White Reaper dropped their new single “Pages,” and its indie sleaze garage band sound feels made for the intro of a teen movie. The Louisville, Kentucky-based band stated in a press release that this song is a preview of future album Asking For A Ride, meant to be released January 27th. The song’s fast tempo contradicts the sad lyrics. They hint at the song being about a public breakup through metaphor. Singing about a personal notebook, they admit to “tearing out the pages about you.”

The band’s Tony Esposito explained about the track, “It seems like ‘Pages’ could’ve easily existed on one of our earlier records. It’s just a few chords and a simple melody; but because of that, I’d say that it’s pretty unique to the rest of our new album. We can’t wait to show everyone what we’ve been working on.” With the hint that there are musical differences between “Pages” and the rest of the album, it’s hard not to get excited for the future release. 

- Kathia Dawson, Staff Writer



The 1975 just released their new album Being Funny In A Foriegn Language and on it are so many gems that are bound to become staples for long time fans and new ones alike. “I’m In Love With You” is one of their most captivating songs on the album. Complete with a memorable guitar riff, a catchy chorus, and incredibly sincere and heartfelt lyrics, “I’m In Love With You” is one of the most smile-worthy and dance-worthy songs the 1975 has put out. Inspired by the relationship he was in at the time with FKA Twigs, Matty Healy writes about how wanting to express his love to her consumed his mind. There is no doubt that “I’m In Love With You” will become a classic for the band.

- Erin Norton, Membership Assistant


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