Playlist: New Discoveries 9/14

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Brooklyn-based rock collective Parquet Courts deliver an upbeat and moody answer to your alt-rock desires. With their first release since their 2018 record Wide Awake!, “Walking at a Downtown Pace” proves to be an absolute return to form for Parquet Courts. Electrifying percussion and grungy guitar help accompany lead singer, Andrew Savage’s, charming vocal qualities. The lyrics in “Walking at a Downtown Pace” tell the tale of someone adjusting back into the groove of city life after being isolated from its fast-paced environment, something many can relate to today. The heavier sound of this track makes it a perfect listen now that we’re adjusting out of summer into autumn.

– Mason Standish, Staff Writer



Also known by his offstage name Ahkinoah Habah Izarh, AHI recently released his single “Danger,” evoking an emotional tone through poetic lyrics and clear, expressive vocals. The song immediately captures the listener’s attention with a light guitar start. It quickly ascends into a strong beat, heavy guitar and a choir accompanying his lead vocals. The single feels like transcending straight into the emotion of feeling lost and needing help. AHI’s vocals speak volumes as he expresses “don’t let me die alone, I feel danger.” Since his debut album in 2016, AHI takes his music to a new level of intensity with this single, leaving audiences eager for what is next. 

– Kelsey Sidman, Staff Writer



Big Thief absolutely revels in folk joy on their track “Little Things.” The voice of their lead singer Adrienne Lenker cracks open the song in such a gritty, visceral way. And I will forever be in love with her vocals. The music seems to explode from all directions in this beautiful, chaotic mess. I truly feel like I’m swimming and playing in the instruments. This song makes me excited for their new project, and it’s the perfect tune to combat the blues of Boston’s stormier weather.

– Tatum Jenkins, Music Coordinator


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