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New Discoveries 7/13 Illuminati Hotties
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Illuminati Hotties' "Pool Hopping" is one of my favorite songs of the summer so far. Contrary to the plural name, Illuminati Hotties was formed as the project of one artist - Sarah Tudzin. She explores more of a pop-punk sound in her latest release, with excited vocals and a fast tempo. It's impossible to keep a straight face - or sit still - while listening. The guitar riff found throughout is ridiculously catchy and the lyrics are pure fun. Illuminati Hotties released "Pool Hopping" alongside the announcement of her third studio album, Let Me Do One More. Set to come out on October 1st, hopefully the rest of the album will be just as uplifting as this summery track.

- Nora Onanian, Web Services Coordinator


While we anticipate the release of Nashville singer-songwriter Anderson East's third studio album, lead single "Madelyn" gives us a sweet taste of his latest project. East collaborated with Grammy award-winning producer Dave Cobb on the album. The two revisit that rare Southern sound we first heard in his 2018 breakthrough album, Encore. In "Madelyn," his soulful vocals flow with smooth shuffling notes and funky bass line beats. The song explores a scorching rawness in the moody sound while the lyrics foreshadow a heavy sense of urgency. "Can't make sense of this world we livin' in" alludes to East's reflective state of mind coming out of the pandemic. His human need to be close to someone is also revealed. "My Madelyn, hold you tight just to find some shelter," he sings with smooth, lustrous vocals. Be on the lookout for Anderson East's album, Maybe We Never Die, out August 20th.

- Mehvish Ali, Staff Writer


Jade Bird embraces a celebratory sound with her new single, "Now is the Time." With her second album coming out in August and an NME cover story out now, Bird has a lot to celebrate right now. It's a song that gets you instantly with its bright instrumentals and Bird's signature gritty, unique voice. Her pure joy - and her request that you feel that joy - is a key component of this song. This makes it a perfect song for the happiest moments of your summer. It's become one of my personal favorite Jade Bird songs, and I hope it becomes one of yours too! Her sophomore album, Different Kinds of Light is set to be released on August 13th.

- Tatum Jenkins, Music Coordinator
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