Boston Calling: Must See Locals

Art by Sarah Tarlin
Art by Sarah Tarlin

Boston Calling's tenth year has more local artists playing than ever. Make sure to catch some before you rock out with Foo Fighters, or Paramore.


Fresh off the release of their debut album, Girls at Parties, Little Fuss will take to the stage at this year’s Boston Calling Music Festival. Founded by four students at Berklee College of Music, the Boston-based band is best known for their fervent alternative melodies infused with experimental electronic sounds. The group’s upbeat songs like “She’s a Liar” and “A Modern Olympia” are sure to have dance-loving fans banging their heads and begging for more. Additionally, introspective festival-goers will enjoy analyzing the band’s clever lyrics and intricate musical composition. 

Favorite Songs: “She’s a Liar,” “I Want a Secret,” and “Hypothetical Girl”



Brandie Blaze has been rapping in Boston since 2016. As she told us in 2020, her status as a Boston icon has been a long time coming. She found audiences in Brockton and the North Shore long before Boston's mostly rock oriented venues would put new hip hop on their lineups. Not anymore. Her new album "Broken Rainbows" is a triumph of self discovery and is the perfect way to open the orange stage on Friday.

Favorite Songs: "So Free", "Model", and "Honey"



No need to hide your Q-tips when you catch this band’s set at Boston Calling Music Festival—they’re just here to play some of the smoothest tunes you’ve heard in ages. Formed in 2018, The Q-Tip Bandits are a funky indie-pop group with music that should be on all your summer playlists (if it isn’t already). Satisfying lyrics combined with brass backing and head-bobbing drums make this a group you’ll absolutely want to see this Saturday, May 27th. Prep by driving around on a sunny day with your windows down and The Q-Tip Bandits blasting, or revisit their 617 Day set from last year!

Favorite Songs: “Tip Toe,” “Daisy,” and “Wrong Address”



Although they’ve been releasing since 2016, pop-punk band Mint Green is having their moment, making them a must see group this year at Boston Calling festival. Their debut album “All Girls Go To Heaven'' released in June 2022 encapsulates the young angsty spirit inherent to the pop punk genre in a way that’s reminiscent of pop punk bands of the early 2000’s. Simultaneously, Mint Green is able to create their own individual sound with chilling vocals from the lead singer and guitarist Ronnica and deeply groovy baselines that make you want to dance. Mint Green feels like teen spirit, their funky punk attitude makes you want to scream all the words to their songs and play air guitar in your bedroom. Their set is bound to be one you’ll never forget. 

Favorite Songs: “What I’m Feeling,” “Make Me Stay,” and “Golden”



Artist Bio: When I close my eyes and listen to Ali McGuirk, I imagine the most perfect summer day. While her music is so easy going, her voice is enthralling and it’s impossible to get enough of it. A local from Boston, she has been recognized by many places such as the Boston Globe as “an artist to listen to” and has been recognized by the Boston Music Awards on multiple occasions. While she performs often in Cambridge and Somerville, we absolutely can’t wait to experience her performance at Boston Calling.

Favorite Songs: “That Way,” “My Man Is Gone (Live at Herd Studio)” and “Long Time”


Where to begin? We love these guys. Coral Moons first played Wicked Local Wednesday in 2019. They headlined our own 617 Day in 2022. Now they're playing Boston Calling for the second year in a row. They can settle into a deep groove one moment, and ride a surf rock wave the next. Through it all, Carly Krafts voice is genre-less and timeless.

Favorite Songs: "Winnebago", "I Feel Alive", "Under Control"

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