Nemes grabs the attention of some new fans at Boston Calling

By Gilesa Thomas:

Nemes 3

Nemes performing at the Verizon stage at Boston Calling 2016. Photo by Kate Bell

If someone offers you extra tickets to see Nemes live, you should accept without hesitation. The indie-rock-folk band from Boston is without a doubt worth seeing in concert. They’re composed of three melodic vocals from a violinist, bassist, and guitarist, along with a drummer who never quits. With huge amounts of energy and contagious friendly smiles, Nemes kept their audience entirely entertained throughout their set on the Verizon Stage mid afternoon.

Right before they began to play, the sun disappeared, allowing the audience to properly rock out without the overbearing beams. “Sun is behind the clouds! God is good!” shouted violinist and lead vocals Josh Knowles. Their first song had a great 70 seconds of instrumental gold, where they rocked out so hard the bassist lost his hat. That of course didn’t stop him; he continued to feel the music and give a great show. The transitions were so seamless that it was hard to tell where one song ended and another began, but it did not compromise their sound at all. In fact, it helped protect them from having a dull moment in their set list.

The weather also accompanied the energy of the set very nicely. As Nemes fired up the audience with a cover mixed with “In the Jungle”, the sun returned from behind the clouds. It was a well-chosen feel good song, converting passing bystanders into audience members. They all danced, sang and snapchatted a lot, full of excitement and joy.

The sun disappeared once again, foreshadowing the musical cool down that was sure to come. Knowles announced their last song and a minor sigh fell among the audience. Chris Anthony (drummer) donned headphones, warning that the last song was going to be a heavier than the previous ones. They ended on a high note, giving the crowd something to remember. Overall it was a wonderful visual and audio performance.

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