Artist Interviews

Artist Interviews :: September 5, 2023

Interview: Jon Batiste on his “Limitless and Genreless” New Album

"Then the album, similarly, is this limitless genreless thing. It's not a world music album, it's really taking that genre title, flipping it on its head, and using it as inspiration to make limitless genreless music. It's really about a message of radical oneness and radical love..."
Artist Interviews :: August 9, 2023

Interview: Briston Maroney’s New Album Is a Courageous Exploration of Selfhood

"I think this whole album definitely came from a place of trying to be really confident that what I am feeling, and what I have to say, could be enough to share with the world. This album was supposed to be a stream of consciousness about the root pieces of who I am..."
Artist Interviews :: August 1, 2023

Interview: Lovejoy Are Taking the World by Storm, One Show at a Time

"Lovejoy kicked off their highly anticipated Across The Pond Tour in May. The British rock band, who recently released their third EP 'Wake Up & It’s Over,' played shows to adoring fans throughout the U.S. and Canada—wowing audiences with their rambunctious guitars and tell-all lyrics. Before their show at Boston’s Royale on June 2nd, Staff Writer, Elle Dickson sat down with the band to discuss new music and the highs and lows of tour."
Artist Interviews :: July 17, 2023

Interview: Cake’s John McCrea Talks Tour Antics and the Uncertainty of Songwriting

"Well, I don't want to give the whole show away, but things like that just take the emphasis off of having to get everything right, or be perfect, or whatever. It makes you realize that you're just a clown—you're just an entertainer, nothing matters, and we're all gonna die soon..."
Indigo de Souza, Boston, the Royale, Asheville, WERS 88.9FM, All of this Will End
Artist Interviews :: July 13, 2023

Interview: Indigo De Souza on the “Magical” Power of Music

"Listening to Indigo De Souza’s lyricism, her honesty — sometimes brutal, always beautiful — shines. As the singer-songwriter from Asheville, North Carolina sat down for a quick interview..."
Artist Interviews :: July 8, 2023

Interview: Joy Oladokun on Collaboration and Community

"After an amazing Saturday performance at Boston Calling, our Staff Writer, Emma Kunz had the opportunity to chat with singer-songwriter Joy Oladokun..."
Artist Interviews :: June 22, 2023

Interview: Bully Talks Artistic Authenticity and Touring with Pixies

"Authenticity is very important to both of us, I know for me it’s very, very important… I just never want to be in a position where I’m releasing something that I’m not 1000% behind or releasing something for somebody else..."
Artist Interviews :: June 1, 2023

Interview: Hozier Journeys Through Hell on His Poetic New Album

"It depends on where I am and depends on what I'm doing, but I'm never too far away from poetry, for sure..."
Artist Interviews :: May 12, 2023

Interview: King Tuff on his “Lush” New Album and Boston House Shows

"On March 23, King Tuff brought his Smalltown Stardust Tour to The Sinclair in Cambridge. Ahead of the show, he sat down with our Blog Assistant, Claire Dunham, to discuss his new album, the highs and lows of touring, and Boston’s local music scene..."
Caroline Polacheck Concert Photo (blog)
Artist Interviews :: April 28, 2023

Interview: Caroline Polacheck on her Cathartic New Album and Operatic Tour

"Caroline Polachek constantly asks us to listen closely to the sound of her music for themes and motifs of desire, connectivity, and catharsis—all intense, tactile, and very physical experiences—which are also present in her groundbreaking lyricism..."
Caroline Rose Press Photo (blog)
Artist Interviews :: April 6, 2023

Interview: Caroline Rose on Songwriting with Self-Love

"On April 6, Rose will perform at Royale in Boston. Ahead of their concert, they sat down with our Blog Assistant, Claire Dunham, to discuss 'The Art of Forgetting' and their highly-anticipated tour..."
Artist Interviews :: March 24, 2023

Interview: A Whirlwind Year for Suki Waterhouse

Suki Waterhouse brought her Coolest Place in the World tour to Paradise Rock Club in Boston for a sold-out show. She treated the audience to a performance of her new single “To Love.” Ahead of the show, Waterhouse sat down with our Music Coordinator, Breanna Nesbeth, for an interview.