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This week on the WERS 7 o'clock news, we heard a beautifully folksy tune from the nomadic in mind and body, Bedouine, chilled out to Washed Out's latest single, celebrated the return and the quirkness of the Chicago band Twin Peaks, and revel in the girl power that is Ibeyi. Read below to hear what the WERS Music staff has to say about the tracks you've just heard and be sure to turn in next week for more music discovery on the 7 o'clock news!

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Azniv Korkejian, or Bedouine, truly lives the nomadic lifestyle that her artist name conveys. Born in Aleppo, Syria to Armenian parents, Korkejian spent her childhood in Saudi Arabia but moved to America when her family won a Green Card lottery. They settled in Boston, then Houston, but she split for L.A. as soon as she could. After earning a degree in sound design, Korkejian discovered a close-knit community of musicians in Echo Park that started to feel like home. After mixing countless records for different artists, she decided to try out her own music making skills on her new, self titled album Bedouine. Bedouine represents minimalism motivated by travel, paring down and paring down until only the essential remains. Bedouine's music is truly the perfect compliment to any road trip this summer.

"One of These Days" is an extremely cosy and rich track that sounds like it is straight out of the '60s.  The hook is infectious, and the vocals of Korkejian are warm and tender.  The track is a perfect compliment to the nomadic feel of Bedouine's album, as it is a great long distance driving song. It is also perfect for relaxing when you reach your destination.



Washed Out

Ernest Greene, better known as Washed Out, has announced a new visual album called Mister Mellow. He is maybe best well known for his 2009 hit "Feel It All Around", which has been used as the intro song for the TV show Portlandia from its inception. Greene is finally back with more feel-good music.  Mister Mellow is follow-up to 2013's acclaimed Paracosm. The Georgia native made the project almost entirely alone over the course of two years; his only collaborator was mix engineer Cole M. G. N. You can catch Washed Out in all his mellow glory at the Royale this August 28.

In "Hard To Say Goodbye" you can see Greene's getting back to his chill-wave pioneering roots, but this time with an LA beat-maker style dancefloor vibe that's been a hallmark of Stones Throw artists. "Hard to Say Goodbye" is probably best enjoyed on a luxurious yacht in a beautiful sea, but jamming out to the track in your car will have the same effect with this ridiculously easy going tune.


Twin Peaks

"Tossing Tears" is the newest single from this Chicago-based man. The track is the first release from their new 7" subscription series, "Sweet '17 Singles." Twin Peaks will release one new 7" vinyl each month for the rest of the year, like a subscription series. The band's guitarist Cadien Lake James said the project would allow the band to continue releasing new music while on tour promoting their 2016 album Down In Heaven. James believes that the structure also allows the band to experiment without a focus on creating a cohesive body of work, and the style fits in extremely well with their demanding touring schedule.

The A-side to the first 7-inch is "Tossing Tears," a warmly psychedelic nugget featuring Macie Stewart and Sima Cunningham of Ohmme on background vocals and strings. "Tossing Tears" is the perfect slow jam for spending time outside and enjoying the beautiful weather.



Ibeyi is a French-Cuban musical duo consisting of twin sisters Lisa-Kaindé Diaz and Naomi Diaz. The duo sings in English and Yoruba, a Nigerian language spoken by their ancestors. Naomi plays traditional Peruvian/Cuban percussion instruments cajón and Batá drum, while Lisa plays piano. In the Yoruba language, Ibeyi translates as "twins", so the sisters honed that in while making their music with their beautifully haunting and chilling harmonies as only a pair of twins could master. Their music has elements of Yoruba, French, and Afro-Cuban. It uses jazz with beats and samples with traditional instruments.

"Away Away" is as beautiful as it is powerful.  The beat of the song behind the lovely voices of Ibeyi is strong yet delicate in comparison to the chants of the twins.  While Ibeyi is having fun with "Away Away," the song's message is resolute, with lyrics like "I don't give up/ I feel the pain/ But I'm alive." Towards the end of "Away Away," the twins segue into a Yoruba chant, with their voices uplifting the listener like a warm ocean current. The song culminates with a Yoruba chant for the Orisha Aggayu, a ferryman known for providing strength. Aggayu in nature ignites a violent eruption of volcanos, however, with the intention that the lava ultimately re-fertilizes the soil to create new life.

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