Grizzly Bear, Phoenix and more music discoveries from WERS

This time on the 7 o’clock news we heard from some heavy hitters and some newer faces. We jammed to Grizzly Bear’s latest single “Mourning Sound,” bopped to Phoenix’s disco-pop single “Ti Amo,” swayed and got lost in The Junction’s “Who Am I” and rocked out to Jessica Hernandez and the Delta’s “Hot to Trot.” Check out what the music staff has to say about the great tracks you just heard and tune in next week to hear fresh tracks handpicked for you on the 7 o’clock news!

“Mourning Sound” – Grizzly Bear 

“Mourning Sound” is off their upcoming album Painted Ruins that is out August 18th. Grizzly Bear is back with their chill, psychedelic-indie-pop sound in full effect with this new single. Grizzly Bear will be coming to The House of Blues in Boston this November as part of their massive North American and European tour.

“Ti Amo” – Phoenix

This is the second single and title track from Phoenix’s upcoming new album, out June 9, and it continues the summery disco theme of J-Boy, but takes it to slightly darker places. Enjoy Phoenix’s new spin on their old tricks and revel in the witty lyrics of the track.

“Who Am I” – The Junction

“Who Am I” is the latest release from the Toronto-based indie rock band The Junction. The moody, hypnotic track is a perfect compliment to the band’s latest album, “City Nights”, which is a full-on neo-funk filled fest. As the title implies, “Who Am I” is a self-reflection piece posing the question of the internal connection with oneself, but really grooves in the process.

“Hot to Trot” – Jessica Hernandez & the Deltas

”Hot to Trot” is off the new double album Telephone/Telefono. The second disc is a Spanish version of the album, where not only are lyrics translated, but the music is updated to reflect the Hispanic side of Hernandez’s heritage. The double album releases June 23rd, and the band plays The Middle East Nightclub in Cambridge on June 14th.

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