Start Your Summer Off with these WERS Music Discoveries

This week on the WERS 7 o'clock news, we heard tracks from the moody Seattle-based band Chastity Belt, a smooth soulful jam from the Slovenian producer Gramatik, an emotional vulnerable song from Boston's own, Palehound, and reveled in a new single from Broken Social Scene. Make sure to tune in next week for music discovery with the WERS Music Staff on the 7 o'clock news.

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"Different Now" - Chastity Belt

On the first track from their recently released 3rd album, I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone, Julia Shapiro sets a more mature tone for Chastity Belt as she ponders growing up and speaks to a younger self who she has described "career loner" before forming the band. "Different Now" showcases Chastity Belt's prowess in perfecting a melancholy yet addicting indie pop sound.

"Recovery" - Gramatik and Eric Krasno

"Recovery" is the latest single borne from the collaboration between the Slovenian hip hop and electronic music producer Gramatik and Grammy winning guitarist Eric Krasno.  This soulful bop is honest yet infectuously fun. Gramatik and Krasno deftly incorporate different genres into "Recovery" to make an extremely sexy and smooth track.

"Flowing Over" - Palehound

"Flowing Over" is a single from the Allston-based band Palehound. Their new album I'll Always Go is about songwriter and guitarist Ellen Kempner dealing the grief of losing a friend and then her grandmother in quick succession. Kempner channels her grief into compassionate and relatable songs that mull over love, mortality and the lingering ache felt with their absence

"Skyline" - Broken Social Scene

This hypnotic song is the third single from the newest Broken Social Scene album, Hug of Thunder, out July 7th. It's hard to keep track of their many vocalists, but this one features founder Kevin Drew, with Amy Millan on harmonies. "Skyline" is an extremely fun yet powerful track that will become your driving anthem of the summer.

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