WERS Essentials: Sweater Weather Songs

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By WERS Staff

This Veterans' Day Weekend, we're keeping things nice and cozy here at 88.9 with our special Sweater Weather Weekend. From Friday the 8th through Monday the 11th, we're playing all the music that makes you feel warm, fuzzy, and pumpkin spicey. In addition to all of the great music we'll be playing on-air-you can tune in to 88.9 or live stream on wers.org-our student and professional staffs came together to bring you another WERS Essentials Playlist, full of all the songs that make us want to cuddle up in front of the fire this season!

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"Crowded Table" by The Highwomen

"I want a house with a crowded table/And a place by the fire for everyone/Let us take on the world while we're young and able/And bring us back together when the day is done." This song about the power of home makes me want to snuggle up in a blanket with a cup of tea and watch the world go by outside my window. It reminds me of the people I love, the people who love me, and the great joy of a crowded table - especially in the lead up to Thanksgiving. -Ashley Peterson, Associate Director of Development

"Cold War" by Cautious Clay

This smooth bop most certainly incites cold weather feels of staying in on a Friday night by the fire while kicking back with a hot beverage. Alongside a light, steady beat, Clay weaves through lines about heartbreak and a LTR slowly falling apart. But, who can notice that while you have your lights turned low and your apple cider candle ablaze? References to the detriment of social media in this song will make you think twice while scrolling through your phone next to your partner on a chilly autumn evening. Stay in the present and enjoy this sweater weather jam.- Cindy Howes, Marketing and Promotions Manager

"(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman" by Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin's voice in any context can melt snow, and this one happens to be written by one of the warmest songwriters around, Carole King. From the get-go, this song makes you feel warm-from the piano that starts off the song, to the layered background vocals, to when the violins and french horns come in, it's cozy. It's comforting. It's like a 2 minute and 40-second hug. -George Knight, Morning Host

"Flowers Bloom" by High Highs 

Right from the beginning of the song, you can hear the grainy-sounding effect on the opening notes. It instantly makes me feel like I'm sitting next to a fire, curled up under a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate in my hand and my favorite book on the table next to me. Something about this whole album, Open Season, from the High Highs has this effect on me. The way the instrumentals and vocals are so big and fill up your whole head while you listen makes me feel so warm! -Jamie Groele, Live Mix Coordinator

"Short Skirt Long Jacket" by Cake

That's the kind of outfit that's perfect for the weather! You can still wear a short skirt in Autumn if you have a long jacket!- Andie Jankowski, Student Membership Coordinator

"As the World Caves In" by Matt Maltese

As you might be able to tell from the title, this song's all about a hypothetical apocalypse. Obviously, fall isn't the end of the world, but with the leaves turning and the wind having that bite, it does make me want to curl up in my bed and watch TV, as the song suggests. -Nicole Bae, Creative Coordinator

"Mt. Joy" by Mt. Joy

Lately, I haven't been able to stop listening to Mt. Joy's title album to get myself into the fall spirit. Nothing has stuck with me as the leaves change quite like the title track itself, "Mt. Joy." It reminds me of times spent with friends, windows down in the car as the crisp fall air whips through on the way out of the city. It lets me hone in on these moments of laughter and love and pure, unadulterated joy. Fall is a season of transition and as things around me start to change I find comfort in a song that reminds me to stop and take it all in while also pushing fearlessly forward into a world that we can and will make our own. -Kayla Goodale, Music Coordinator

"Archie, Marry Me" by Alvvays

Sweater weather equals cuffing season-the swapping and eventual theft of sweaters between partners. Why not also dream of matrimony? Molly Rankin's voice is the breeze, and you are the leaves being blown from the tree of loneliness, off to seek an Autumn romance. -Phil Jones, Afternoon Host

"Young and Free" by Dermot Kennedy

Dermot Kennedy's soulful, largely acoustic sound, coupled with his personal and raw lyrics, feels as intimate and close as a large, comfy sweater. There's also this unexplainable mystery and darkness to his music, coming from his deep voice and low tone. In that way, I'm also reminded of spooky autumn nights with only dim street lamps to light the way. I especially love his song "Young and Free" particularly for how poetic the lyrics are. Perhaps it's a bit #emo of me, but this song makes me want to think of lost love while watching the leaves fall outside my window. Kennedy begs the listener to move on from heartbreak and the death of a relationship, just as from the death of nature in autumn comes new life. -Lily Doolin, Blog Editor

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