Live Mix Recap: Charly Bliss

Photography by Ayodele Oladejinj

By Lily Doolin

Four-piece pop band Charly Bliss swung by the WERS live mix studio to play a few songs for us on a sunny Monday to kick off this week.

Eager tourists and interested onlookers peered into the windows of the radio station, probably expecting a band to be playing a chill set.

Instead, what they saw was four rocking musicians dancing and jamming their hearts out, despite the close quarters in the live mix studio.

Lead singer Eva Hendricks was banging on a side drum while also delivering killer vocals and strumming on her funky, cut-out shaped white guitar. Her brother, drummer Sam Hendricks, was rocking out on his kit, while bassist Dan Shure and guitarist Spencer Fox were dancing in their spot, sharing smiles with one another.

The band started off their set with the song "Capacity," off their newest album Young Enough.

Each of them came out guns-blazing, as if it was more like the opening of a sold-out show than an early-morning live mix in a studio. Perhaps the band was still on their high from their sold-out show at the Sinclair the night before, which sounded like a wicked awesome time.

After being asked about their incredible energy, Eva Hendricks said, "the energy is a product of how the close the four of us are," as the band has known each other since they were all kids, and have been a band for eight years now.

However, Eva did reveal that sometimes, the crazy energy and wild dancing around can be a bit hazardous.

"Dan once hit me with his bass," she laughed.

To close out the set, Charly Bliss played two more songs from Young Enough: One was "Camera," while the other was "Hard to Believe."

The band's intensity never faltered, and it truly was like a party was going on in the middle of the day at the station. It's clear that the band is incredibly passionate about this new record of theirs, which is a whole album full of fun hits for jamming out with friends.

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