Enjoy the Nice Weather with this Week’s New Music Round-Up

This week on the 7 o’clock news we heard the bluesy croon of Pokey LaFarge, the return of the Canadian indie darlings Alvvays the power of self-acceptance from Perfume Genius, and the amazing pipes of Katie Crutchfield and her band Waxachatchee.  Below you can hear what the WERS Music Staff has to say about the tracks you just heard.  Tune in next week at 7 o’clock for more music discovery!

“Going to the Country” – Pokey LaFarge

Called the “artfully dodgy ambassadors for old-time music,” Andrew Heissler, also known as known as Pokey LaFarge brings down the house with the bluesy and sexy “Going to the Country” off of his new album Manic Revelations.  Heissler manages to keep his sound true to his Midwestern roots while updating his tracks by tackling modern-day issues, especially things happening in his home state of Illinois.

“In Undertow” – Alvvays

Nearly three years after their last record, the Canadian indie-pop darlings Alvvays are back with new music. “In Undertow” is the lead single from new album Antisocialites, which drops September 8. The song’s shoegazey warmth and Molly Rankin’s candid, openhearted vocals (“What’s left for you and me? / I ask that question rhetorically”) are a welcome return. “In Undertow” deftly straddles the lines of shadow and sunshine but manages to come out on top as a ridiculously chill song you’ll play while driving all summer long.

 “Slip Away” – Perfume Genius

Mike Hadreas, also known as Perfume Genius, mystifies in the standout single “Slip Away” off of his new album No Shape. Hadreas had the intention to make “Slip Away” a “full-on band rock and roll” tune but chose to take a more poppy route. Hadreas tackles issues of identity and essentially, lets the voices of the haters slip away in the grandiose yet assertive “Slip Away.”

“No Curse” – Waxachatchee

Katie Crutchfield, the woman behind Waxahatchee, has a new album out July 14th: Out in the Storm. “No Curse” isn’t on it. Crutchfield recorded it live in Weathervane music’s studio the day after the inauguration. Crutchfield’s strong yet smooth vocals are the perfect compliment to “No Curse”’s heavy drum and guitar riffs.  “No Curse” was released as part of Weathervane’s Shaking Through project, as a nonprofit initiative.

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