Pick of the Week: Middle Kids “Questions”

Pick of the Week: Middle Kids
Graphics by Kevin Shin

By Nora Onanian, Staff Writer

Ever since Middle Kids' first single "Edge of Town" became a breakout hit in 2016, the alternative indie rock band has continued to draw in fans with their fun and energetic sound. "Questions" is the second single to come off of the Australian trio's second studio album, Today We're the Greatest. The song gives an exciting taste of what might be to come in the rest of the album.

Lead singer Hannah Joy wrote "Questions" to capture the feeling of not knowing her partner's authentic self in past relationships. As the lyrics suggest, her relationships often revolved around drinking, leading to facades. The song begins with a few notes of mellow electronics before Joy's voice comes in strong, singing "how am I supposed to trust you?" In contrast, rhythmic clapping and a playful bass melody give the song a more uplifting sound. Joy continues her pleads as more instruments enter the mix. Drums and a chorus of horns come in, and by the last chorus the mesh of sounds nearly drown out her voice. Ultimately, the song becomes just as clouded as Joy's mind. 

The rest of Today We're the Greatest is set to come out on March 19th. While we eagerly await its release, check out our review of Middle Kids' last album Lost Friends for more of the band's high-energy sound and powerful storytelling!


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