Pick of the Week: MGMT “Mother Nature”

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By Arlo Winokur, Staff Writer

“Mother Nature” is the lead single for American psychedelic-rock duo MGMT’s upcoming fifth album, Loss of Life. Following the success of their last album, Little Dark Age, released in 2018, MGMT takes an opportunity to reflect on some of their earlier music. Fans can expect a sound that is recognizably MGMT, but also one that shows the artistic growth and changing styles of Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser.



When MGMT first exploded onto the scene in 2007 it was with songs like “Kids” and “Time to Pretend.” They were earnest songs about growing up and the unsung struggles of being young. Now, sixteen years later VanWyngarden and Goldwasser approach the same concepts from a different perspective. 

The opening lines, “I put the groceries down on the front lawn. And think maybe the children just want recognition” describe a moment of revelation, when something just clicks. And in this instance, it’s the change from the mindset of “A baby is born, crying out for attention” to “maybe the children just want recognition.” 

Sixteen years is a long time to grow, and to hold the same views you did originally is a rare thing. MGMT decided it was time to update the views they presented in that early music, but in a subtle enough way that new fans will still appreciate the message.



Instrumentally, “Mother Nature” bears a lot of similarities to MGMT’s sophomore album, Congratulations, with its fairly stripped, acoustic sound. But of course it wouldn’t be an MGMT song without drum loops and synths. They’re especially fitting for a song that makes nods to their first album, which was largely electronic. 

MGMT is a bit of an anomaly for a band, with only four albums in 16 years. Yet, they are so well-known and have contributed to music by artists like Kid Cudi and the Avalanches

“Mother Nature,” and by extension, Loss of Life, seem to herald a new era for MGMT. They aren’t the kids they were on their first album, they’ve grown a lot and are ready to put that into words and sounds that are their own and that show this growth.


Check out MGMT’s newest single, “Mother Nature,” and look out for their upcoming album Loss of Life, set to release on February 24th, 2024!

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