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Hatchie Snail Mail
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“Brightside,” the title track off of The Lumineers’ fourth album of the same name, is a seamless, wistful yet powerful addition to their signature, nostalgic folk-rock sound. The song was recorded in a single day, according to Rolling Stone, and was inspired by the classic American love story. “It’s like a 15-year-old’s fever dream…glory and heartbreak,” lead singer Wesley Shultz said. The Lumineers’ also released a “Brightside” visualizer on YouTube. Dreamy clouds and melting orange skies fill the screen as the horizon draws closer and closer. It is the song for escape. For stepping into the sun. For reaching towards an uncertain but surely brighter future. Brightside’s additional eight tracks will be released January 14th, 2022.

- Sam Goodman, Staff Writer



Straight off of Lorde’s new album Solar Power is the song “Mood Ring.” From the start, it draws listeners into its transcending sounds. Lorde touches on a very relatable disposition. With lyrics such as “I can’t feel a thing, I keep looking at my mood ring,” she captures feeling emotionally lost and a general sense of sadness. Solar Power, including “Mood Ring” presents a new sound for Lorde that audiences are excited to hear more of. 

- Kelsey Sidman, Staff Writer



Beginning with a wave of bright synths, “This Enchanted” by Hatchie is a new upbeat single that illustrates what it’s like to quickly, and blindly, fall in love. Similar to the rest of Hatchie’s songs, “This Enchanted” has a dream-pop sound with well written, yet tastefully vague lyrics that come together to make an incredibly enthralling and catchy song. Since this is only her first release since the drop of her debut album Keepsake in 2019, it is certain that there will be more coming soon!

- Erin Norton, Staff Writer



Snail Mail is back after four years and she's rocking out. Her new song, "Valentine," explores heartbreak but through a more mature lens. She's grown up in more ways than just lyrically; her voice is more refined and focused and the instrumental is more dynamically complex. She decides to start slowly, setting the scene of the relationship, before bursting with sound and emotion. It's better than I could've imagined for her comeback, and it makes me thrilled for her upcoming project.

- Tatum Jenkins, Music Coordinator


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