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You Are Here is our weekly, AP-award-winning public affairs program. Each week, our reporters produce long-form audio journalism pieces that tell stories of global importance with relevance to you. Through interviewing local experts, residents, and change-makers, You Are Here's student reporters delve not only into breaking news, but a wide variety of relevant topics ranging from the thought-provoking to the quirky. 

Our mission is to keep people informed and engaged with the greater-Boston community. 

Our reporters take ethics seriously, and strive to produce thorough and truthful journalism. We recognize our responsibility as journalists to provide our listeners with accurate information. 

In the wake of the death of George Floyd, a Black man killed in Minneapolis police custody in May, Americans across the country took to the streets. Those calling for change argue that it's not just about police brutality, but years of systemic racial oppression across the board. So, how did we get here? Our new You Are Here special report series "Shadows of a Dream: The History of Racial Inequality in America," looks into the history of racial injustice in Massachusetts and beyond, as well as the reverberations of such inequities that are being felt by the Black American community today. 

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