Uncommon Concert Calendar: April 19-26

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Here at ‘ERS, we love live music! That’s why we created the Uncommon Concert Calendar — your guide to the best concerts in Boston. Each week, our intrepid music staff picks out some upcoming concerts you won’t want to miss. 



8:00pm, Tuesday, April 23rd

The first word that comes to mind when I think of Black Country, New Road is inspiring. Mixing elements of classical music with jazz and rock and even folk at times, they can’t be pinned down, and are the true definition of knowing the rules so well that they are able to break them, oh-so-beautifully. But not only does their sound feel like reinventing the wheel, they — as a band of Gen-Z Englanders who met at uni — have had to reinvent themselves as a collective.

Just a day after the release of their highly anticipated sophomore record Ants From Up There (2022), lead vocalist and primary songwriter Isaac Woods announced his departure from the band, citing mental health reasons. Rather than calling the BC,NR project quits as a whole, the remaining six members forged a way forward. They released a full LP of original songs under a year after Wood’s announcement. And not just that; their latest record holds the same brilliance the band first hooked listeners in with.

See them at Royale on Tuesday night and you might just think you’re looking at a group of kids on stage, but once you hear the over 9 minutes slow burn solo “Turbines/Pigs” from May Kershaw, or witness the steadfast bond of the group in “Up Song,” trust me— you will be changed.  

- Nora Onanian, Web Services Coordinator



7:15pm, Wednesday, April 24th, with Kimbra

The first time I witnessed Jacob Collier's talent was through a TikTok. In this TikTok, he conducted a whole audience as though they were a choir. He led this audience into delivering beautiful harmonies, something he is recognized for doing throughout his music career. Most recently, Collier has collaborated with artists like Tori Kelly, John Legend, Lizzy McAlpine, John Mayer and Brandi Carlile. 

His music is imaginative; filled with wondrous harmonies and a mix of pop, jazzy and R&B sounds, sometimes tinged with some electronic beats and some gospel soul. His lyrics are sentimental. The accompanying instrumentals are powerful and filled with purpose. His storytelling is unique. And he knows how to make music an experience. 

Want to witness Collier’s mastery of musical elements and genres in the flesh? Don’t forget to get your tickets and watch his performance at MGM Musical Hall on Wednesday the 24th!

- Isabella Kohn, Staff Writer



7:00pm, Wednesday, April 24th with Copilot

Singer-songwriter Jade Bird dives into a vibrant, warm folk sound on her new EP Burn The Hard Drive. Lyrically, the release describes a jarring breakup with features of meticulously crafted verses. With every word she sings, Bird tugs directly on the heartstrings of anyone grieving a lost love. Pairing these deep-hitting lyrics with a buoyant instrumentation, Burn The Hard Drive speaks to the complexity of the human experience. Bird’s songs are like luminous icebergs; there is always more to uncover beneath the surface. To hear Jade Bird’s floating guitar riffs and lush lyrics for yourself, head to Somerville’s Center for Arts at the Armory Wednesday night for a show that you won’t forget!

- Claire Dunham, Music Coordinator



8:30pm, Thursday, April 25th

From her airy, pop-ish vocals to her grooving bass lines, Blu DeTiger is taking the world by storm. The Sinclair will surely feel like too small of a venue to hold in the energy she exudes on stage Thursday night. But the intimacy of the space will only add to the communal, party-like atmosphere that is bound to come about. DeTiger released her debut album All I Ever Want Is Everything this March, featuring the catchy and insightful love song “Dangerous Game” (which one of our staff writers raved about here). If she hasn’t already found her way onto your TikTok for-you page with her bass slapping and ear for reworking older hits, do yourself a favor and add Blu DeTiger to your radar!

- Nora Onanian, Web Services Coordinator



8:00pm, Friday, April 26th

New England better get ready for the jolt of Southern Americana barreling down at The Orpheum this spring. Waxahatchee, a solo artist turned collaborative project, will stun Bostonians with their Alabama drawl and cowboy boots that look weathered rather than store-bought. As true country musicians at heart, Kathryn Crutchfield and her band will play to the crowd like they’re in white rocking chairs sitting on a porch. Waxahatchee’s music is familial, pensive and lightly pious. Despite the various themes Waxahatchee employs in their music, eclectic listeners continue to be enraptured by their performances and form a shared soul. Catch Waxahatchee in concert this April to get a taste of that colorful, southern flavor in a city of tall buildings and bustling traffic. 

- Ash Jones, Staff Writer

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